Why Should You Provide Mobile Learning to Your Employees

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Mobile Learning your Employees

The explosive growth of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and so on, are a burning indication that organizations need to invest in mobile learning to stay competitive. Success is dependent on the quality and engagement of the workforce. If employees are to stay up-to-date with the latest information and trends, then organizations must invest in helping them learn and upskill themselves on a regular basis. This is where mobile learning or m-learning strategy comes into play.

There are five primary reasons why organizations need to provide mobile learning opportunities for their employees.

Employees need to learn on the move.

Not all employees have desk-bound jobs. In fact, the millennial workforce is always on the move, and they are glued to their mobile devices. Remote workers are increasing in the workforce. If organizations provide employees with an opportunity to utilize their time productively, while working remotely, then it is a win-win situation for both. Self-paced learning permits learners’ time to learn when it best fits their schedule. Learners are able to upskill themselves which is reflected in enhanced productivity. By making access to training easier,  employees are better equipped to handle their job roles. This is reflected in positive results to the bottom line of your organization.


It addresses all learning styles.

With mobile learning, courses can be created that includes, reading, watching a video, listening to audio podcasts, and collaborating with peers. It covers almost all styles of learning. This goes a long way in enhancing learner motivation and engagement towards learning. Utilizing bite-sized modules as small chunks of information in mobile learning solutions makes content easy to digest and remember. This is another reason why m-learning is successful.

It is cost-effective.

Mobile learning may require an initial higher investment, but in the long run, it turns out to be way more cost effective than traditional classroom learning. Money is saved on travel, accommodation, venue, facilitator, and equipment. Once a course is developed, it can be reused several times. The increase in the productivity levels of your learners makes the initial investment worthwhile.

Mobile learning is social.

Mobile learning has a social aspect involved that motivates learners to excel. They can collaborate with their peers. There is a large learning community that can help the learners in all aspects. Employees can discuss topics, ask questions, clarify doubts, and brainstorm. It builds teamwork. This kind of support group is extremely important in distance learning. Also, the thought that they can reach out to anyone whenever they need any information is comforting.

Harnesses the tech trend.

It is predicted that within the next five years, learners will primarily use mobile devices to connect and learn. So, it makes good business sense to start prepping as soon as possible. Jump onto the mobile learning bandwagon, and your organization won’t regret it.

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