Why should you use 360 degree video for onboarding?

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Why should you use 360 degree video for onboarding

Want to experience surfing in the waves but afraid of drowning?

Want to go parasailing but scared of heights?

Well, technology can help you here. It may not provide you with the exact sensation and thrill, but it can come close! Welcome to the world of 360 degree videos.

What are these?

360 degree videos are recordings of real-world scenes in all directions. A viewer can see what’s happening not just in front of them, but to the sides and behind them as well. You can record 360 degree videos using special cameras that have multiple wide-angle lenses. You may compare the result to Virtual Reality (VR) videos, but viewers do not have to wear a special headset to watch them.

Now you may ask how are 360 degree videos different from regular videos. One word – immersive. In a flat video, the user looks at the frame of reference the creator provides. But in 360 degree videos, the user can look around and make choices in the video world. If you play one on a computer, you can use the mouse to click and drag the scene to different angles. If you view a 360 degree video on your phone, then you can actually turn it around in different directions, just like you would physically turn around to see what’s going on behind you.

Organizations have woken up to the power of these videos and are using it to showcase their products and services. Can you use it for training?

The answer is a resounding yes. 360 degree videos put your learners in the center of the action. Many eLearning courses include photos of specific locations, such as where things are shelved inside a storage room. 360 degree videos are fantastic options for situations where the learner needs to understand the layout or placement of people or items. A less-complicated option is 360 degree photography. This would not provide any interactivity for the learner, but is much more immersive and relatable than a single photo or group of photos.

Using 360 degree videos for onboarding

Onboarding training can be a tiring process for new employees. Making them go through boring orientation sessions and asking them to review never-ending policy manuals could make them regret their decision to join your company! However, 360 degree videos have taken onboarding to a different level.

Apart from adding the fun factor to the onboarding program, a virtual delivery relieves unnecessary workload from the HR department. The monotonous processes and practices are automated. A case in point is Honeygrow, the Philadelphia based restaurant chain. Hardly a month after introducing virtual reality in employee onboarding, employees who completed the culture certification course rose to 77% from 50%.

Here are a few ways in which you can add a zing to your onboarding program.

  • Encourage the new hires to take virtual tours to explore the facility, especially their respective departments. You may also include 360 degree video tours of the warehouse and company stores, if relevant for your business.
  • Consider creating videos of your CEO welcoming the new employees and explaining the company culture.
  • Roll out videos for site orientation. You can virtually take the new employees on a tour of all your facilities across the world without having to invest in their travel and accommodation.
  • Utilize the hotspot feature for safety training for the new entrants. For example, you can ask them to identify hazardous activities in a 360 degree video by programming hotspots for learners to click as they look around the scene. These hotspots could provide supplemental information on why these activities may be hazardous. You could even create a scenario within the 360 degree video that lets learners practice responding to hazards in their workplace.
  • Allow them to examine the features of a product by panning around their screen. They have a visual reference instead of simply having to read out the features. Online video demos of products help your employees recall and retain the information easily.

We have created a virtual tour of our Designing Digitally using a 360 degree video camera. Feel free to explore our facility. We can customize and replicate this for your training needs.

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