Why Use Custom Elearning Solutions in the Workplace?

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WhyUse Custom Elearning Solutions in the Workplace

By now, most businesses are familiar with gamification, serious games, and mobile learning whether they have implemented them in their own companies or not. They have probably even heard about the numerous benefits they can provide. Corporations want to give their employees the best training that they can so they are assets to the company. More and more businesses are realizing that the use of these technologies is the most effective way to achieve that goal.

Benefits of gamification, serious games, and mobile learning

Before taking a closer look at how custom elearning solutions go a step further, it doesn’t hurt to recap the advantages of using elearning in any capacity.

  • Internal motivation. Elearning adds interest and can keep learners engaged and wanting to learn more.

  • Connecting engagement to business objectives. Interest alone isn’t enough to equal success. Elearning activities that are successfully tied to specific goals will be effective.

  • Importance of data. Elearning relies heavily on data to pinpoint what parts of the content each learner may need to give more attention to. It can also give information about when they are ready to move on to the next level or stage of the process.

  • Immediacy of feedback. That all-important data is relayed back to the learner immediately with no gap in time. This allows for greater comprehension of the material.

The custom elearning solution advantage

Custom elearning solutions have all the benefits of standard elearning activities, but they can be even more effective. Custom elearning courses and programs are created specifically for one certain company. Let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • The activities can be the same scenarios that workers would encounter. For example, customer service representatives can go through a training course that requires them to interact with a virtual customer about the same product or service that the company sells.

  • Each aspect of the elearning course can line up with the company’s brand. Corporations can work with the designer to ensure that every part of the training lines up with the image and tone that they are trying to promote.

  • Assessment and feedback align with specific objectives. Constant feedback and assessment can help administrators to ensure that each level or stage of the course is working toward the objective.

  • Corporation has control. A custom elearning solution allows the executive in charge of employee education the opportunity to have a say in each aspect of the creation of the program.

  • Lower cost of maintenance. A custom course won’t require any licensing costs as the content is the property of the company. It is also much simpler to update than an off-the-shelf course.

Tomorrow’s workplace

As more and more corporations use custom elearning programs for their employee training needs, the worth will become apparent. The workplaces of the future will go through training programs that are streamlined for their needs, resulting in corporations that are thriving and serving satisfied customers.