Why You Need Gamification Experts

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When you’ve made the decision to introduce eLearning and gamification to your business, you might be stumped as to where to start. Should you continue building your own training tools and figure it out along the way? Should you hire an independent contractor to assist your team throughout the first quarter of roll-out? Or should you work with gamification experts immediately to help lead the way and manage the process from ideation to completion?


If you have never used gamification within your training department, we understand why this feeling of being stumped is happening; the idea of introducing gamification to your business might be overwhelming. There is so much to learn, so much to build, and so much to test, but you know you just really want to eliminate the risk of error along the way.

That’s why we believe you need to work with gamification experts to help your training department introduce engaged eLearning to your team. Not only will it help you eliminate the risk of unnecessary errors though deployment, it will allow you and your team to focus on strategic thinking in 2017, rather than getting lost in the tactics of gamification.

If you’re considering introducing eLearning to your company in 2017, here’s why you need to choose gamification experts to work with your team.

Gamification experts will help speed the process, which will save you money in the long run.

Have you ever thought about the cost of some of the meetings your team holds? Whether it’s with your President or CEO, CFO, various other Directors in your company or a handful of Managers, what is the cost of these 1 hour brainstorm or presentation sessions? Think about it, and keep reading…

By working with gamification experts, you can save time (especially throughout the ideation process), and help speed the process of building your eLearning modules or program. This, in turn, will save you money in the long run - your colleagues will spend less time researching how to do something, and will instead focus their energy on implementation of your programs. Less time thinking about what to do, more time doing the work.

You’ll learn more, pushing you ahead of the competition.

Instead of assigning one of your managers the task of researching various elements in the eLearning process, why not work alongside gamification experts to learn more, work faster and push your company ahead of the competition?

Your competition could very well be reviewing eLearning programs and options right now. They could be weighing the benefits of working with gamification experts; it’s your opportunity to move forward now and push your company ahead of the pack in your industry.

You’ll also learn more along the way. Gamification experts have access to a wide variety of materials and experience across a plethora of industries. As you’re comparing experts to work with, ask them about their experience within your industry.

Gamification experts (like Designing Digitally Inc.) will work within your pre-built systems.

When selecting experts to work with your project, it’s important that they can adapt and work within your pre-built systems. This will make the management and delivery of your online training content so simple.

At Designing Digitally Inc., we can develop a custom Learning Management System (LMS) for your company. Alternatively, we can work within the system that you are already using, or we can build a program to work alongside your existing solution.

Overall, it’s important to work with gamification experts that will be adaptive to what you already have, making the process easier to design and implement.

As you are preparing your eLearning strategy for an upcoming program or training solution, it’s important to consider partnering with gamification experts that will help make your team smarter, while strategizing and implementing a training program that will work for your business. By surrounding your training department with experts in the eLearning field, like Designing Digitally Inc., we are confident that you and your team will experience great success.