Workplace Gamification: How to Implement Best Practices

Designing Digitally


Incorporating gamification into your organization’s learning experiences can be a great way to increase learner engagement. To receive the full benefits of gamification, you’ll want to be sure the gaming elements are used in a way that supports your end goal and objective. With proper execution and design, your learning goals are far more achievable. Take a look at some factors to consider when implementing gamification in your training:

Be sure to customize

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Every organization is different, so the gaming elements you use should mirror your workplace culture, mission, audience, and objectives. If you deviate too much, you risk failing to motivate your employees by creating a learning experience that does not appeal to them. By customizing the user experience you will be able to build a model that meets your needs, specifically. Implementing various gamification elements that are carefully considered based upon your business goals and objectives is an important step towards building a successful model.

Make it enjoyable

Gamification allows you to create a dynamic platform that fosters creativity and company investment by using mechanics to create something more interesting to your audience. It gives employees a new and fun way to complete training, which will help bolster their enjoyment of their work. The benefits don’t stop with educated and entertained employees—gamification also boosts retention rates, as employees will engage with the material in a more interactive way. The more your employees retain, the more likely you are to see improvements in their job performances.

Be supportive

In order to find success with gamification in the workplace and to change employee behavior for the better, it is important that it is supported by all levels of your organization. Gamification cannot just be used as one of many attempts to engage employees; it should be implemented as something that all managers, trainers, and leaders alike support and believe in. Employees engage with training material more thoroughly when they feel their professional growth is important to the leadership of their organization. Be sure your gamified learning experience has the leadership support it needs and deserves, and you will be much more likely to accomplish your training goals.

Gamification essentially provides leaders in the workforce with a whole new, richer set of techniques that are designed to motivate people. People love games and social interaction, especially if done well and in a manner that they can relate to. From customizing for your specific audience to ensuring the gamified learning experience you are implementing is supported on all levels of management, the tools for planning out your strategy and successfully putting it into action are now in your hands. To learn more about how gamification can aid your training efforts, contact us today.