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  • eLearning

    Measuring the ROI of your learning program is most effective when it’s built into the program.

    If a learning program can’t produce results, it won’t last long. Corporate training plans are funded with the expectation that the benefits will outweigh the costs, which is why it’s crucial to measure learning ROI. In the past, those who were funding the educational opportunities were more willing to take a leap of faith when it came to learning.

  • Training Simulations

    Standardized employee training is crucial to ensuring workers have the skills necessary to perform their job duties. Many workplace accidents can be eliminated by making sure each employee goes through multiple rounds of effective, hands-on training.

    For jobs where there is a lot of risks involved, it can be dangerous, costly or nearly impossible to train workers in the field. Instead, companies turn to simulated learning.

    Training simulations offer a lot of advantages over traditional training...

  • eLearning

    Training and learning methods continue to evolve with time changes in  technology and organizational needs. To accommodate for training requirements, organizations have benefitted from acquiring a learning management system (LMS) customized to meet the needs of the company. By customizing your LMS, you ensure consistency while reflecting the company’s brand. As you will notice from this article, making your learning program customizable is not only beneficial to the organization, but also to...

  • Virtual Reality

    Traditionally, clinical experience in health care had relied on learning on-the-job, dealing with real patients. Now, that can be quite risky and involve harm to life. Virtual reality (VR) has been used extensively by other industries like aviation, construction, and so on. Based on the success it has received in these industries, healthcare has also warmed up to the use of simulation-based training. When applied properly, VR helps medical professionals to learn new skills and master existing ones without fear of...

  • eLearning

    According to research, 30% of employees state that they are only moderately engaged at work. Additionally, research has also found that eLearning increases employee engagement by 18%, plus many other benefits. Due to the various advantages that can be gained by both the learner and the organization, online learning solutions are quickly becoming the common way to introduce corporate training.

    On top of higher engagement, eLearning solutions have been found to increase learner...

  • Mobile Learning

    Training your workforce is vital to your company’s success. You need to continuously engage your employees by providing them with sufficient content about the market trends and what they should do to make the company perform at its optimum capabilities. The performance of your employees highly depends on the training provided. For your employees to perform at the expected levels, make sure you evaluate their skills so you can understand their skill-gap and offer the necessary training to bridge the existing gap. Understanding your employees' needs and providing a solution for training...