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  • Serious Games

    There’s a reason that people of all ages enjoy playing video games. They’re fun, engaging, and challenging.

    When it comes to gamifying eLearning activities, it’s important the design is more than just a fun way to pass the time. Corporate training is serious business and, while it can and should be fun, engaging, and challenging, the content should be the focus.

    A good design makes all the difference. Let’s look at some of the guidelines that can ensure your...

  • eLearning

    2018 is expected to be a significant year for eLearning training and development. Over the last 7 years, this industry has grown 900%, with growth expected to continue on pace in 2018. For decision makers in this industry, it’s important to know what is ahead in this New Year so you can make educated training decisions for your business, to meet the strategic goals established by the Executive Team.

    With 42% of companies reporting that eLearning has helped increase their revenue, now is the time to focus on new...

  • Serious Games

    Technology is so much a part of our world today that young adults currently graduating from high schools and colleges don’t remember a time without the world at their digital fingertips.  New employees in the corporate world are being trained with programs that are vastly different from what their parents would have experienced.

    One of the most significant changes has come via the world of serious games.

    A serious game is described as a game designed for a fundamental objective other than entertainment...

  • eLearning

    When products become popular, a predictable process begins. A vast number of companies begin to manufacture the hyped-up product. The product is all the rage, so businesses decide that the faster they can push out the desired item, the more money they will make. They quickly discover that they can produce even faster if they cut some corners. The end result is a market saturated with inferior products.

    The elearning business has not been immune to this cycle. Once ...

  • Serious Games

    For many years, corporations have tried to train employees with methods that were less than exciting and engaging. For their part, the workforce, in general, has viewed training as something they must get through, like it or not.  

    Recent years have shown that there is a way to engage employees and motivate them to actually be active participants in their own learning. Elearning gamification has effectively transformed mundane corporate education into activities that are...

  • Mobile Learning

    Mobile devices are not only used to make and receive phone calls, anymore. They have evolved and can be used in a myriad of other ways. In fact, you can do almost anything with them – shopping, gaming, entertainment, learning, and so on. Mobile training or training on-the-go is the rave and has a learner-centric approach. A large number of organizations have adopted a mobile training strategy for their employees and are reaping rich benefits.

    If you are still unsure about mobile learning for your corporation...