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  • Training Simulations

    Business simulations are a form of experiential learning that helps improve your skills in business strategy and decision-making. Corporate simulation training provides an interactive and immersive learning environment where your employees can actually apply what they have learned. Through a business simulation, learners can build and improve their skills. Most organizations have adopted this new method of learning and are reaping rich benefits.

    Here are the top five reasons why you may want to consider...

  • Serious Games

    Good serious games teach. They also possess the capability to entertain, but the most important aspect is that they educate. Many different types of educational systems have been using serious games, gamification, and simulations for quite some time as an effective means of teaching.

    While serious games started in fields like aviation and the military, they have spread into many other areas, including the corporate world. Many businesses use serious games as a means...

  • Mobile Learning

    Embracing a mobile mindset for corporate training equips employees with the best possible job preparation.

    How often do you look at your smartphone during an average day? Chances are, you’ve taken a peek within the last hour. The way that people access information has changed dramatically in the last decade. This shift over the last couple years has been even greater.

    For training and development to be relevant and effective for today’s learners, you have to embrace a mobile mindset. It isn’t simply a change in the way things are done – it’s an overall adjustment in attitude...

  • eLearning

    Monotony is one of the major issues when it comes to computer based learning courses. Even though the content may vary from course to course, the overall structure and layout remains constant, and as a result, employees might feel they are going through the motions again. The tech-savvy workforce of today expects and demands constant innovation. You have to offer them something new, even when it comes to something as mundane as a computer based learning program. Among the key tenets of innovation in eLearning courses is design. Change the design and you can offer something new.


  • Virtual Reality

    Augmented reality (AR) takes the real world and projects computer-generated inputs to it. All you need is an appropriate device loaded with relevant software. AR is being developed along with mobile technologies and used for training. Healthcare is one sector that has benefited to a great extent with the help of AR. Doctors can better explain the anatomy of the body or a complex procedure much easier. Military uses AR technology to train soldiers on the enemy locations. In manufacturing industries, workers deal with complex heavy machinery. They must be very careful while operating them....

  • Serious Games

    Serious games are making a big difference in the world of corporate training. Businesses are finding that eLearning is the best and most comprehensive method to increase employee productivity and be greater assets to their companies. The benefits are far-reaching and the increased productivity has a positive impact on the bottom line. Serious games allow learners to think critically, have a richer interaction with peers, and engage in activities that give them a deeper understanding of their workplace and their own...