Designing Digitally, Inc. Develops custom VR Learning Game

Developer Designing Digitally have revealed that they were approached by an unnamed client who needed a rather specialized form of training for employees. Namely, the client needed a way to teach power line engineers how to clear trees and debris away from power lines. Designing Digitally turned to virtual reality (VR) for a solution.

Designing Digitally determined that the best way to tackle this problem was the immerse the learners in the environment they would be operating in as a way to teach them how to cut down trees in a way that was both safe and fun.

The task is threefold, the trees near the power lines need to be cut without damaging equipment, hurting anyone or affecting the bottom line of the company. The VR scenario built by Designing Digital, therefore, follows a branching structure, where different actions and decisions lead to different outcomes.

Monday, May 8, 2017
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