Designing Digitally, Inc. Mentioned in Coursera Virtual Reality Learning Article

The majority of current VR applications revolve around learning to do physical tasks while following strict safety guidelines. Designing Digitally creates “serious games” to use in training. One of the company’s most successful recent projects is a VR game called “Chop and Drop,” built for an energy company. The game teaches trainees how to cut down trees around electrical lines without causing property damage, breaking lines, or creating safety hazards for themselves. They learn how to manipulate a boom truck and cut trees, all while using a VR headset.

While “Chop and Drop” prepares workers to use physical skills on the job, L&D leaders can learn from the game’s success. “It gives people full immersion into the experience instead of just explaining it to them. It helps them understand why to cut trees that way,” Hughes says. The game is fun and motivating, with a points system and an element of fantasy that helps the curriculum come to life.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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