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Interested in knowing more about some of the major trends, terminology, approaches, and best practices in the eLearning industry? Download our eBooks now for essential information that can be applied directly to your learning and development strategies and help prepare your employees for success. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Employee Training

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Employee Training

Investing in an employee training program for your staff but failing to evaluate its performance and productivity is not a sound company decision. How do you know what your members are learning and the impacts it has had on the organization overall? Was it worth the costs and time? Did you reach the benchmarks you hoped to? A solid training evaluation strategy can answer all that and much more... Read Moreget your free copy

Training Simulation eBook

Investing in Simulation Training to learn In a Safe Environment


Are you considering investing in training simulations for your employee development programs? This eBook can help answer many questions that you may have and guide you to more effective, safe learning. Download your copy to read about:

Constructing a Safer Workplace With Virtual L&D


It is no secret that the construction sector faces a skills shortage in many countries around the world. As they struggle to maintain qualified employees, businesses find it difficult to expand to their full potential. This is often due to poor training initiatives that do not properly prepare employees, which leaves... Read Moreget your free copy

Preparing Your Remote Workforce: Tips and Tricks for Virtual Employee Training

Preparing Your Remote Workforce: Tips and Tricks for Virtual Employee Training


When quarantine began, everything was uncertain. No one could predict exactly how the pandemic would influence the global economy, although many tried. Most people quickly switched to remote work environments or began working from home. Since most companies’ infrastructures had not been designed for such a situation,... Read Moreget your free copy

The Value of Engaging Employees in Learning Cover

The Value of Engaging Employees in Learning


Engaging employees during learning is an ongoing challenge. Effective engagement often hinges on how invested an employee is in the success of the business. To achieve that investment, employees should feel appreciated and satisfied in their work environment. Since people have different expectations and methods for... Read Moreget your free copy

Serious Games Development In The Modern Workplace


Are you thinking of implementing Serious Games to improve your employee development? Download this eBook to learn more about the benefits of game-based learning and discover what steps are needed to ensure effective training.  

This eBook covers:

Mobile Learning Solution

Developing A Mobile Learning Solution That Embraces Anytime Anywhere Learning


Do you want to know more about the various benefits of a mobile learning solution and discovering key factors of this training approach that will ensure the most effective delivery to your workforce? Download this eBook now to explore these topics and more! Key chapters include: 

Transforming Employee Onboarding With an Immersive Virtual Reality Training Solution


Do you know the power Virtual Reality (VR) can have in employee onboarding? By bringing a simulated, replicated experience to learners, the possibilities are virtually endless. Download this eBook to learn the benefits of VR training and explore topics such as: