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Understanding Your Target Audience
In our fast-paced society, quantifying what your audience needs from your company or product can be easier said than done. A wide range of analytics software is at your disposal, and drawing a coherent conclusion can be quite the challenge.The eLearning market can be especially difficult when...

Serious Games

Serious Games Development
In the form of serious games, game-based learning is one of the most efficient employee training methods. Many companies are adopting this learning and development style into their culture and reaping the many benefits it can bring. Integrating serious games in corporate training will:Delivers...

Training Simulations

Employee Training
Over the last few decades, the importance of employee training has become exceedingly obvious. The factors influencing this movement are diverse and far-reaching: starting with the change in workforce predominance from Generation X to Millennials, to the changes in how people now learn, aided by...

Mobile Learning

Mastering Gamification in Mobile Learning
The eLearning industry has seen a huge boom over the last decade. Companies of any size and individual users are accessing eLearning to continue their education and enable their growth. The eLearning community is vast and complex. It includes computer-based learning, mLearning, virtual reality...