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A good instructional designer will tell you that the secret of building an engaging and useful employee training course starts with the process of creation itself. This process is known as an instructional systems design (ISD). While there are many course creation methodologies out there, two of...

Serious Games

8 Reasons to Develop Serious Games in Corporate Training
Learning & Development professionals are always looking for new ways to get employees excited about corporate training. One method that’s been around for years is wrapping training inside a Serious Game. A Serious Game, simply put, is a game that is fun to play. We call it “Serious” because it...

Training Simulations

Are you thinking about developing a training simulation for your organization? In this article, I share some simulation training best practices from the L&D community to help you efficiently utilize this learning tool and ensure effective delivery.Please note this article was originally...

Mobile Learning

Case Study: Maximizing the Value of your Mobile Learning App
Please note this article was originally published by our team on learning and training apps have been gaining traction in the L&D space for several years now. We once considered mobile compatibility an extra feature to include in cutting-edge eLearning modules. Now...