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Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games
Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games Infographic

Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games

Before diving into building a Serious Game it is a good idea to take a step back and review the best practices of doing so. In this infographic we go through the best practices of instructional design in Serious Games.




Brain Effects Elearning
There is much yet to be discovered about how the human brain works. What is already known is that many factors can influence the way that people learn, take in, process, and comprehend information. Advances in educational practices occur  as more and more about the brain’s capacity to learn...

Serious Games

Do Serious Games Work for Adult Learning and Training Results
The rise in gamification for learning has led to a significant question: what type of games work best for adult learning? While games, which are fun and entertaining, are more likely to capture the interest and attention of the target audience, serious games are equally as effective at delivering...

Training Simulations

3D Sim Training
The acceptance of gamification of training is scaling new heights. With that, new trends have begun to emerge. One of those trends is 3D training simulations. These simulations imitate real world scenarios and have the ability to engage learners by offering an immersive experience to explore and...

Mobile Learning

5 Mistakes Mobile Learning
Mobile learning is a powerful tool for learning, especially in the corporate environment. It helps learners to learn while on the move. It is engaging and effective, if designed well. If learning designers fall prey to common mistakes, then the final output may not be as effective as desired.Here...