The Facts of Online Training
The Facts of Online Training

The Facts of Online Training

Did you know there are many different approaches that can be taken when implementing online training solutions? It’s a fact! Designing Digitally, Inc. understands that each company has unique training needs, which results in needing unique training solutions. Because of this, we offer a variety of options that will enhance corporate education through our custom eLearning, Serious Games, Training Simulations, and Mobile Learning developments. 

So, which solution is right for your company’s employees? Interactive eLearning that can save you 50-70% in training expenses? Serious Games that increase learner self-efficacy? Perhaps you want to increase learning retention through experiential practice in a Training Simulation? Or maybe you need access on the go with a Mobile Learning solution, reported to improve productivity by 43%? What if you want a Serious Game that’s available on a mobile device? Or basic eLearning combined with simulated experiences? We’ve got you covered!

All of these benefits and more are possible with a custom-built learning experience from Designing Digitally, Inc. Download “The Facts of Online Training” now to learn more about each of our services and the different benefits gained to see what solutions are perfect for your specific training needs!

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