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Gamification In Corporate Education
Gamification In Corporate Education

Gamification In Corporate Education

Gamification is not a new concept, however, many individuals are still unsure of exactly just what gamification is, and more so how they can be impacted by it. This method involves utilizing game mechanics and principles in non-game contexts to teach a specific topic or skill. In other words, gamification makes learning more enjoyable and includes elements to motivate and engage learners throughout the experience.

Research has shown that this enhancement to online learning can greatly benefit corporate training developments due to the many benefits that can be gained. Two of the major advantages include seeing an increase in employee productivity and knowledge retention when compared to non-gamified learning.  

Learn the other various reasons why companies are taking advantage of this method in their online training strategies. Download “Gamification in Corporate Education” to learn more about this approach to training, the top benefits, and the best ways to incorporate it into your training developments today!

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