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Tips for an Effective Training Strategy
Tips for an Effective Training Strategy

Tips for an Effective Training Strategy

Employee training is a huge factor in having a successful business seeing as it directly impacts your productivity, revenue, and ultimately achieving the overall goals of your company. In addition, employee retention and turnover can also be affected by your company's learning and development strategies. With many new hires reporting they leave within the first year of a new position due to poor training efforts, it is important your workforce is being properly prepared for their responsibilities right from the start.

In order to have corporate learning experiences that produce solid employees, you must first develop an effective training strategy. This requires much thought and planning, and can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you need. In this infographic you will learn 10 tips that can help you create an effective training strategy and ensure your employees feel valued with room for improvement in their skillsets. Download your copy now to get started on more effective training for the people who represent your company every day.

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elearning Training
It would be a perfect world if all your employees were highly motivated to learn, had endless attention spans and enough free time to dedicate to learning; however, that is an ambitious fantasy. Learning designers have several barriers to overcome to ensure that the content is really adding value...

Serious Games

Gamified Training
Gamification is the concept of incorporating game-based techniques to drive engagement in non-gaming activities. Many businesses are using gamification to train employees and it is now considered an integral part of the eLearning industry and the internet in general. Gamification is not only being...

Training Simulations

Employee learning simulation
There are several reasons for using employee learning simulations. Simulations provide experiential learning that keeps the learners engaged. As a result, they are 80% more likely to retain information. The real-world experience helps them connect and empathize with the content. And it also helps...

Mobile Learning

mleaning Trends
There was a time when people had to use a desktop to access the internet. However, as smartphones became popular, most people now prefer to access the internet through them because they are faster and more efficient. Learning institutions and professional trainers are also aware of this trend, and...