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Virtual Reality Training Adaptation Rates and Predictions
Virtual Reality Predictions and Adapation

Virtual Reality Training Adaptation Rates and Predictions

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing industry, currently dominated by companies including Samsung, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, and Sony. Each of these companies has a VR or AR device currently on the market, all ranging in cost. It is estimated that by 2020, 52 million head-mounted devices will be used in the US.

Virtual Reality is expected to be a $25 billion industry by 2021. The VR industry is primarily comprised of gaming and hardware, but is also prevalent in film, theme parks, and niche markets, as well. VR has been breaking barriers across a wide variety of business aspects including training, advertising, customer service, leadership, product design, and much more. As popularity grows and greater accessibility gives more exposure to this new technology, VR will allow for more breakthroughs in gaming, training, and entertainment.

Virtual Reality is now here to stay in our society, and VR will continue to be adapted as our culture accepts it as a medium for digital technologies and immersion. As this takes place, training in the workplace will evolve and change, incorporating the use of VR training simulations and serious games. This infographic explains the current adaptation rates, and provides predictions to what will take place within the short and long term life cycle of virtual reality in the workplace. Fill out the form with your details to get a copy of this infographic.




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