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Instructional Designer - Elearning Designer

Job Description : Instructional Designer - Elearning Designer

Designing Digitally, Inc.​ is looking for a creative and innovative Instructional Designer who enjoys working in a fast-paced team environment.​ The Instructional Designer will turn ideas into a working storyboard that the multimedia and design teams can easily translate into the final product.​ Candidate needs to possess the following skills:

  • Strong verbal and written communication – must be comfortable working directly with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Ability to work independently with little direction
  • Researching and documenting job, task, instructional, and scope analyses
  • Creating design documents that describe business needs, audience needs, high level tasks, delivery content, supporting materials, and evaluations/​assessments
  • Writing learning objectives and modules of content that ensure mastery of learning objectives, including but not limited to exercises, scripts, storyboards, simulations, games, and web-based training
  • Working with graphic designers and programmers to style learning content with graphics and animations to maximize impact of learning
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training design through the creation of assessments and evaluations before, during and after training
  • Collaborating with team members to execute a shared project plan and meet deadlines
  • High level of organizational and time management skills
  • Keen attention to detail in grammar and punctuation, visual design and layout, audio accuracy, and effective presentation

Job Responsiblities

Specific job tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Define objectives for a course and/or curriculum.
  • Outline the concept for a course or curriculum, defining (needs for) the course medium,content delivery, assessments, accompanying materials, and complementary learning approaches.
  • Synthesize and write course content based on input from subject matter experts, written material, previous training courses, interviews, etc.
  • Use PowerPoint to draft screen layouts, graphics and interactions appropriate to the content.
  • Write the audio script for each course and work with subject matter expert and voice talent to ensure proper pronunciation and style.
  • Proof course at multiple stages of development and make or document required changes.
  • Work with subject matter experts and course sponsors to collect feedback and integrate it into the next course drafts.
  • Define project schedules and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Keep track of project tasks and status using online project management software.
  • Design quizzes and meaningful course interactions to increase learning and retention.
  • Complete various training, project management, and administrative tasks as needed.
  • Participate in team brainstorming and strategy meetings to help define goals and direction.
  • Keep up to date on learning tools, trends, and ideas.
  • Work with client personnel via email, phone, and in person to collect information needed to complete projects.
  • Write and edit newsletters articles or published articles

Job Requirements

Applicants should possess strong writing and instructional design skills.​ Specifically:

  • One to two years of writing training material
  • Performing needs assessments and job, task, and/​or content analysis
  • Gathering data
  • Writing, sequencing, and prioritizing objectives
  • Specifying instructional strategies
  • Developing performance measurements
  • Developing participant evaluations to determine satisfaction, effectiveness, achievement of learning objectives, and job-performance impact
  • Conducting pilot tests, revising curriculum, and implementing necessary changes

Required Computer-Related Skills

  • The applicant should be proficient in PC environments and MS programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Understanding of what the following applications are and what they do: Articulate, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Flash, Raptivity, and Storyline


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