Are You In Need of Remote Learning?

Are You In Need of Remote Learning?

Designing Digitally understands that right now is a stressful time for many as COVID-19 impacts businesses across the country. In order to prevent workforce disruptions, eLearning is becoming the best solution for effectively and efficiently delivering training and support to employees and customers. 

Business growth doesn't have to be impacted. Our team has the skills and experience to provide engaging and effective distant learning solutions that can be accessed completely online. For more information on your virtual learning options, view our capability statement and complete the form here if you would like to discuss your training needs with our team and learn about our special promotions during this time.


These custom web-based solutions incorporate various innovative technologies and utilize the best instructional design practices. This results in desired behavior changes for your learners and increases engagement throughout the training experience. Each custom eLearning development is designed to the specific needs of your organization to ensure individual initiatives are met.

Mobile Learning

These convenient "on-the-go" solutions offer learners the ability to obtain valuable content both when and where they need it. Custom mlearning solutions provide access for quick reference through mobile-friendly versions of our eLearning, Serious Games, and Training Simulations, as well as custom designed apps for Android and iOS Stores. Mobile learning ensures your employees are able to access content whenever it may be needed and increases the overall confidence knowing your organization can be represented properly while out on the job.

Serious Games

These immersive solutions utilize game-based technologies, designed for both single and multiplayer functionality, and integrate entertainment into applicable scenario-based activities that allow for successful transfer of knowledge. Custom Serious Games provide your learners the ability to have fun while training which increases the overall interest and results in higher retention.

Training Simulations

These interactive solutions embrace experiential learning techniques and empower employees to practice skills in a virtual and risk-free environment until mastery. Simulated training activities and scenarios allow users to "learn by doing" which eliminates the threat of any potential damages for both the employee and organization. These cost-effective solutions provide your learners with accelerated learning paths, immediate feedback, consistent messages, and eradicate any additional expenses for your organization that are often seen with classroom training.

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