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  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is an innovative tool for training corporate employees. This is an interesting technology trend because of the flexibility and scalability it offers. Employees find it engaging and easy to use. They just need to strap on a VR headset in order to step into a completely different environment! You must include Virtual training strategy in your corporate training agenda.

    There are several kinds of virtual training. You need to understand the advantages and restrictions of each style in order to use it effectively. Scenario training is the most impactful kind of virtual...

  • Serious Games

    Serious games may look like all fun and entertainment, but don’t let that  fool you. Serious games are about motivating your audience to learn. Serious games can fine tune  skills and enhance task proficiency. They help learners practice in a safe environment and learn from their mistakes. They have been proven to be a successful learning tool in corporate education.

    Here are five tips to integrate serious games into training curriculum in ways that are effective...

  • eLearning

    Success doesn't come automatically to e-learning solution providers. They constantly need to strive for it. E-learning solution providers need to have teams with certain inherent characteristics, in order to be on top of their game. The quality of the workforce defines the organization.   

    Here are six top traits that every high-performance e-learning team must have to be successful.

  • Serious Games

    Why should your organization consider utilizing gamification for its training and development needs? Are there benefits gamification provides to the organization and the trainees that traditional classroom training fails to meet? We believe there are ten significant benefits your organization can realize by incorporating gamification into your training initiatives.

  • Mobile Learning

    Around 1.2 billion people surf the Internet on their mobile devices. It is just a matter of time when your mobile device will be the primary mode of staying connected. So, if you are thinking of training options for the modern workforce, you have to think mobile. The millennial workers are not interested in being tied down to a physical location for training. They prefer training on-the-go.

    Mobile learning solutions are the way forward. If you want to capture the imagination of your tech-savvy employees, you...

  • Training Simulations

    Training simulations are great tools for imparting training to your employees. It is popular because it allows the learners to practice their skills in a real-life environment without the associated risks. Business simulations are highly effective in knowledge recall and retention. That is because your employees are not taught theoretical knowledge but are encouraged to do things themselves. A simulation training is most effective when it is not used as a standalone tool. Instead, combine it with other methods of learning.