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Checkers: Drive-Thru Challenge Game


The challenge:

Checkers, of Checkers & Rally’s drive-thru restaurants fame, approached Designing Digitally, Inc. with a bold idea for a new way to train their front end cashier staff. The two organizations had worked together previously, and this new project provided an opportunity to continue that partnership.

Checkers’ vision for the new training was a combination of a contest between two characters who would each address varying aspects of Checkers’ guest service standards. The learner would be asked to judge how well each of the characters accomplished the standards. Checkers looked to Designing Digitally, Inc. to combine video with engaging game based interactions to help reinforce how front end cashier staff should interact with guests.

The Solution:

Designing Digitally, Inc. built the Drive-Thru Challenge, an elegant module combining interactivity with the excitement of a contest. Each of the key concepts for great guest service is broken down into sections. Once the learner finishes a section, they watch the two characters performing routine tasks involving the concepts the learner has just reviewed. The learner then has the opportunity to judge how well each character performed the tasks.

Throughout the training, the learners encounter interactive questions where they determine the best way to face a bag toward the customer, whether a voice is smiling or frowning, and much more. These interactions support the key concepts and highlight what the learner needs to be looking for during the character videos. Learners are encouraged to observe mistakes the characters make loosely creating a “learn from your mistakes” experience. 

The Drive-Thru challenge was built to be mobile friendly through HTML5, allowing the learners the flexibility to take it during breaks or on the go!


The Results:

Checkers is pleased with the module and has rolled it out to over 15,000 learners with excellent feedback. It is now being rolled out to all Checkers & Rally’s employees for annual compliance training. The training is currently being evaluated, so more to come about the results in future months!

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