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What Will be for Technology!


The challenge:

Like-minded professors from around the state of Ohio were looking for innovative ways to present what they thought would be the technological advances for professors and institutions in the future. They wanted a futurists approach to what a conventional classroom will look like and will act like within the next 10 to 50 years. With many uncertainties and no way of predicting the exact future, this tool was to entice new teachers to adapt new technologies into their classrooms in the hope that it will help feed an ever growing technological population entering college.

The Solution:

The idea of a 2D web-based training module was presented, which would focus on new instructors entering the Universities in Ohio to teach. The web-based training module was created to help educate instructors by discussing the following chapters regarding technology: Technology Standards, Global Curriculum, Technology Policy, Student Culture, and Teacher Preparation.  This web-based training module was built using web-based technologies and programmed with SCORM which allowed for all the Universities in the State of Ohio to import them directly into their learning management systems.

The Results:

This self paced web-based training module is being frequently used by the professors to help them provide a higher quality of online instruction to a technology-driven generation. This module is focused on the teaching aspects of the course rather than the technology used to create the course, allowing it to be a timeless learning tool that helps sets fundamental rules and guidance to the professors. Overall the course development has been and will continue to be a success for the Ohio Board of Regents.

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What Will be for Technology! - Main screen
What Will be for Technology! - Welcome Screen
What Will be for Technology! - Introduction Screen
What Will be for Technology! - Index Screen
What Will be for Technology! - A Global Curriculum for the Future
What Will be for Technology! - Student Culture Screen