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Checkers Drive-Thru Customer Service


The challenge:

Checkers/Rally’s, a national fast-food chain, needed to improve their employees’ customer service skills. They chose to specifically focus on guest recovery, which is when an employee must go above and beyond to resolve a situation where the guest is unhappy about something, such as receiving the wrong order. 

They knew they wanted to film videos showcasing the good, bad, and ugly ways to conduct guest recovery. However, Checkers/Rally’s was relying on Designing Digitally, Inc. to help them tie the videos together and create ways for the learner to interact with the training. 

The Solution:

Designing Digitally, Inc. and Checkers/Rally’s decided on a social media theme for the training because it would relate to their young employees, most of whom are 16 - 24 years old. The main menu resembles a YouTube playlist. Each video is postured as if it was recorded and uploaded by a customer who had a negative experience at the restaurant. As the learner selects videos to watch, they judge the employee’s performance in each one using a variety of social media tools like emojis, hashtags, and star ratings.

To be sure the learner understands what went wrong in each video, a boisterous voice actor provides a harsh play-by-play analysis of each one. Humorous captions and photos support his entertaining commentary on the events that unfold in the videos. 


The Results:

The training experience teaches new and existing employees how to apply the steps of the guest recovery process. But, more importantly, it allows them to realize the importance of treating guests with respect, rather than stirring up Drive Thru Drama!

Checkers/Rally’s is distributing the training first to restaurants in their chain with low customer satisfaction ratings. They are excited to see how the non-traditional training, which employees will take on iPads, is creating higher customer satisfaction ratings throughout their restaurants. 


Angry Employee
Emoji Interactive Question
Social Media Driven Interactions
Poor Employee Example
Rating Based Feedback Interaction
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Thumbs Up Interaction
Interactive Timeline
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