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Loomis AB Custom eLearning Training


The challenge:

Loomis AB has an illustrious heritage and a long history of managing cash throughout the world. Loomis has a strong international presence with about 400 branch offices spread across more than 20 countries. They offer comprehensive solutions for cash handling primarily to banks and retailers. Loomis faced a  situation where they were not able to train all employees through instructor-led training face to face. Therefore, they were looking for a vendor that could offer a solution that included not only the learning modules translated into a multitude of languages for their international branch offices but a custom learning management system as well.

The Solution:

After a detailed Determine phase, the project consisted of building out detailed, self-paced online eLearning in a multitude of languages allowing for an international audience to obtain the same message no matter what language. The course content was first built in English and then translated into several languages including Spanish, Turkish, Slovakian, Czech, French, Finnish and German. This would ensure that all of the employees of Loomis AB obtain the same training across the board no matter where they are located.

The solution also consisted of a custom learning management system that permits users to log in using their company issued email and password where the employee can take the training at their leisure. This online LMS was developed using open-source technologies and fits the exact need of Loomis AB.

The Results:

This system is currently live and running within the Loomis infrastructure and is available to all Loomis Employees. Loomis AB launched the system in 2015 and has had over 500 employees take the courses. Overall, this custom eLearning and learning management system has saved thousands of dollars in travel, hotel fees, and other costs incurred through the use of face to face training.