The challenge

Terminix Service Managers complete a 90-day onboarding training when they begin their role, provided through a series of Instructor-Led Training and on-the-job shadowing. While these methods can be effective, there was no way for Terminix to track the quality of training each Service Manager received. Therefore, they needed to ensure each employee was receiving the same standard of training.

The Solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. (DDINC) worked with Terminix to create a series of eLearning courses, allowing for all members of leadership to receive the same training. 

The course “Coaching & Developing Your People” is 1 of 4 courses in Terminix’s series of eLearning courses for Service Managers onboarding training. In the course “Coaching & Developing Your People,” leaders learn about coaching concepts and then make decisions based on those concepts. The learner stays engaged through highly visual interactions they must complete moving through the course.

“Coaching and Developing Your People” has helped Terminix Service Managers to provide a unified set of standards for its management to successfully lead their team. The course has given them the framework to give feedback to their team, which can be especially tricky.

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