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Coaching Champions Soft Skills Training

Coaching Champions Tablet

The challenge:

An undisclosed customer was faced with teaching leadership and coaching skills to a diverse population of their workforce. In previous years, this organization was using Instructor Led Training (ILT) and traditional eLearning modules to provide coaching and mentoring tools for their learners. As a result, the client found that their prior training was not being retained or adopted in the workplace despite employees taking the training multiple times.Therefore, the undisclosed client was in need of a scenario-based learning game that allowed them to have fun and light interactions that ensured the learners were thinking critically about how to approach life-like scenarios  with an employee. 

The Solution:

After conducting Designing Digitally, Inc.’s innovative learning approach, our recommendation was to create a game-based scenario learning experience to help coach and train managers to become effective leaders within the organization. With a blend of leadership and managerial training, Designing Digitally, Inc. was able to create a HTML5, game-based learning experience with gamification elements to make a serious interaction become fun, engaging, and entertaining to experience. This game-based learning experience allows for randomization of the interactions creating a unique game play each time for the learner.The Coaching Champions Serious Game was developed to ensure that real-life scenarios experienced in the workplace when dealing with employees, co-workers, and bosses are handled in the appropriate way. This experience was built for tablet compatibility including but not limited to iPad tablets. This build was created using HTML5 coding and is fully functional using SCORM within their Learning Management System.

The Results:

Overall, this project has been a complete success for our undisclosed client. They were extremely pleased with the feedback they received from both management and employees. Our client launched this course within their LMS using SCORM and is being delivered to supervisory and middle-level management to help them understand how to become an effective leader. The situations they encounter throughout the Coaching Champions Serious Game are those they will have to successfully handle throughout their careers. Currently, the training has been delivered to over 10,000 employees globally and will continue to provide positive results for their organization. We look forward to seeing how our innovative serious game has impacted our client in the future!

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Coaching Champions Tablet