The challenge

Mercer is a global consulting company that works with their clients to create secure and rewarding human resource solutions. Mercer employees learn to anticipate the needs of their clients and overcome obstacles. Sales employees use Mercer Principles to delve deep with their clients, and that kind of training takes time and money.

While training used by Mercer covers a wide range of methods and technologies, they were seeking a more creative and engaging solution that would help augment their current sales training. With training that is more fun and entertaining, learners are more enthusiastic about their training and are able to retain knowledge from their classroom experiences. Although the new solution would be used to keep employees interested while training, it would be used alongside Mercer’s in-classroom training.

The biggest challenge for helping Mercer meet their own goals was converting the complexity of real world sales into an engaging Serious Game. When it comes to interacting with other people, there are many intricacies, especially in a business environment.

The Solution

To develop interactions that simulated the involved relationships between sales employees and clients, DDINC dissected the basic learning objects from the classroom training. This allowed us to create several different types of game-like interactions. These interactions gave us a more interesting environment to present situations to the sales employees while still teaching them how to succeed.

Using a game-based simulation, DDINC crafted realistic sales situations with fictional companies to challenge learners as they worked towards making a sale. As learners complete more meetings, more companies are unlocked, giving them access to even more situations to experience. Learners are able to see how successful they were in recognizing a client’s needs by seeing a score at the end of each interaction. Through their client book, learners are able to see their average and overall score for the whole game. This score can be used to help motivate the learner to their best and strive for 100% mastery.

In a prototype DDINC originally developed, the game environment was 3D and more of a bird’s eye view of a city. However, concerns for user experience when it came to moving about the city, and limitations of the LMS and platform, resulted in a more flat, 2D design that matches Mercer’s updating branding style. With the high contrast, colorful design, DDINC was able to create a style that was easy for learners to look at and navigate.

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