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Mobilizer: Sales Training


The challenge:

A non-disclosed Fortune 500 company approached Designing Digitally, Inc. to develop an unconventional training tool to help their sales associates with learning their company solutions and selling them to customers. After using conventional eLearning modules and classroom training, the company determined their sales employees were not retaining the knowledge. Daring to delve into the realm of gamified learning, the company was looking for an educational and entertaining tool employees could use for a few minutes per day while they learn how to approach their sales calls and listen for potential customer needs.

The Solution:

With a focus on providing employees with a method to practice sales calls and cross-selling options, Designing Digitally, Inc. determined the best approach to meet all the client’s needs would be a Serious Game. Mobilizer is a custom micro-management Serious Game where employees perform simulated calls to customers.

Over 500,000 potential dialogue options give employees a wide selection of scenarios where they must determine a customer’s needs. Points are earned based on the success of the calls and the number of services players are able to sell. Adding to the game-like experiences, players are provided with beneficial research information about customer needs to aid in their sales success, marketing power ups that give players advantageous bonuses, and achievement badges to mark their triumphs.

Employee progress is tracked and displayed on a department-wide leaderboard where co-workers can see their results. This provides a sense of friendly competition, drawing users back to the game in order to garner better results. More importantly, the leaderboard provides managers with comparable, real time assessment data. This data can be used to determine which solutions and services employees are struggling with and need additional assistance understanding.

Unlike Mobilizer’s eLearning counterparts, which often require a concentrated amount of an employee’s time, players with this Serious Game are capable of playing through scenarios in just ten minutes. Spread out over a year, Mobilizer gives employees plenty of time to get through all six levels of training while still accomplishing their usual workload. This means important, day-to-day tasks and other significant priorities are not pushed to the wayside.

Mobilizer is available on the web, an iOS app, and an Android app for real time game play on any device. A custom Learning Management System was developed so detailed analytical data can be tracked, allowing management to see employee progress.

The Results:

The Mobilizer Serious Game was completed at the start of 2014 and has been well received by the company and its employees. The Mobilizer system is currently in large-scale focus group testing throughout the calendar year. We look forward to obtaining the analytical data from the LMS and from the Fortune 500 company to determine how effectively Mobilizer Sales Game has increased employees' ability to retain information on company solutions and cross sell them to customers!

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E-learning - Mobilzer - Start screen
Mobilizer - Introduction
Mobilizer - World Map
Mobilizer - Client Meeting Results
Mobilizer - Client Meeting in Progress
Mobilizer - Call Complete Screen
Mobilizer - Procurement Portal
Mobilizer - Power-Up Screen
Mobilizer - Achievement Screen
Mobilizer - Buy a Billboard