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Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability

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The challenge:

Since cadets are required to jump from planes while attending the Academy, the United States Air Force Academy wanted to provide a fun and engaging way to introduce new cadets to the world of parachuting, including when to jump, pull their chute, as well as how to control the chute. 

The Solution:

The use of a 3D simulation allows users to learn when to jump out of a moving plane, when to pull the cord for the parachute, as well as how to steer the parachute to land in a certain area without leaving the comfort of their home. This simulation is built into a web-based virtual campus tour and users are able to earn points through the simulation that can be used to purchase items from the virtual store. By continuing to practice, a user can continue to earn points as they learn the proper techniques. 

The Results:

The paratrooper simulation has been one of the most popular simulations within the browser-based virtual world because it is not only fun and challenging, but provides an engaging learning experience for all users. 

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Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Plane Flying
Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Plane Flying
Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Skydiving
Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Maneuvering through Objectives
Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Deploying Parachute
Paratrooper Landing & Maneuverability - Landing on Target