The challenge

Always on the cutting edge of technology, Designing Digitally, Inc. wanted to integrate the LEAP Motion Device into a serious gaming experience to show potential clients what the possibilities are with the device. Designing Digitally, Inc. decided to teach learners how to sort recyclable items into the appropriate recycling bins using the LEAP Motion tracking device. Rather than just present the information to the learners, they wanted a solution that would also be immersive as well as fun.

The Solution

After analyzing the LEAP Motion tracking device and how it could be used, Designing Digitally, Inc. determined the best option was to create a serious game that utilized movement of the player’s hands based on the specifications of the LEAP Motion device. The concept was fleshed out and the development was created by utilizing innovative instructional design, the Unity 3D Gaming engine, and creative game mechanics which would transform learning into fun. The serious game uses a time constraint to help the player focus on quickly differentiating recyclable items from non-recyclable items and also on sorting those recyclable items into the correct bins.

Recycle Roundup - Start Screen
Recycle Roundup - How to Play
Recycle Roundup - How to Play 2
Recycle Roundup - How to Play 3
Recycle Roundup - Game play
Recycle Roundup - Game play 2
Recycle Roundup - High score Board

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