The challenge

Designing Digitally, Inc. was presented with documentation from a non-disclosed client’s human resource department. The HR department of this large company was faced with a limited budget due to the economic situation that was affecting their organization. This lead to a budget shortage for travel to office locations throughout the nation to deliver instructor-lead training on situational harassment topics for the company.

The Solution

After evaluating the client material, it was determined that the solution was to create a 2D scenario web-based training module that delivered content in an intuitive and effective way. Designing Digitally, Inc. developed the module as a serious-based game that allowed you to view situations as a 2D animation, providing the scenario from both the “offender” and the “victim” viewpoints. Once the learner was presented with the scenario, they were prompted with options which allowed them to change the outcome of the situation. The system also prompted the learner with questions on how to handle the given situation and what to do when confronted by this person in the future. This development was created as a web-based training module using technology standard tools that allowed them to implement this into their company learning management system using SCORM. This module was programmed to track the users progress, bookmark where the user left off, and to track their assessment score to ensure the staff at each location was effectively trained on the Human Resource policies.

Simulated Ethics - Company Ethics Meeting
Simulated Ethics - Being Secretive
Simulated Ethics - Issues Pop-Up
Simulated Ethics - Office Space
Simulated Ethics - Office Space
Simulated Ethics - Character Selection Screen

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