The challenge

A non-disclosed client approached Designing Digitally, Inc. with a complicated, yet intriguing problem. They were looking to expand, and thus increase the amount of products they deliver to their retail locations. To do so, they needed to determine if the supply chain was being effectively managed before venturing into expansion. The team at the non-disclosed company are knowledgeable in supply chain management (SCM), but company management wanted to ensure the team was able to see the impact SCM has on the organization as a whole. To meet this need, the client was seeking an online learning experience to reinforce the importance of effective SCM and localization to company success.

The Solution

Following detailed Research and Analysis, Designing Digitally, Inc. determined a serious game was the best online instructional method to meet the client’s need and show how supply chain management affected business success. The serious game was developed in a gaming engine to allow for open roaming and engaging mechanics, and delivered in a web-based version and Android and iOS applications.

The learner is tasked with creating an effective, localized supply chain to ensure supply meets retailer demand in the most cost effective and profitable manner. Used as a performance support tool, this training game gives learners the a chance to be immersed in a supply chain and manage the flow of goods from raw materials to retail delivery. Upon setting up their localized supply chain, the learner watches their decisions play out in real time as they have a direct impact on business success or failure.

Supply Chain Management - World Map 2
Supply Chain Management - Material Provider
Supply Chain Management - Factory Route
Supply Chain Management - New Truck Route
Supply Chain Management - New Store
Supply Chain Management - New Store
Supply Chain Management - Advance Week2
Supply Chain Management - Advance Week2

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