The challenge

Electrical utility and line workers have one of the riskiest jobs in the United States. The job duties often entail performing complex tasks that are hazardous if not executed properly. They commonly deal with fuse boxes that hold high volumes of electrical currents connected to various circuits, which can be dangerous. External factors such as weather and climate conditions can also change the riskiness of tasks.

Given the risk factors faced in this work, Designing Digitally understood that quality employee training was imperative for numerous reasons. To help with this, we needed to develop a simulation to show how companies could deliver training that would allow workers in this field to do their jobs accurately and, more importantly, ensure their safety.

The Solution

Designing Digitally created the “Virtual Reality - Electrical Fuse Box Simulation” to provide a safe environment where employees could learn and practice vital skills needed to work with fuse boxes and avoid accidents and injuries. 

We developed a simulation that uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to mimic the real-life duties required for these types of jobs. By creating a VR simulated workspace, employees are not afraid of accidentally causing workplace damages and can safely learn from their mistakes. Additionally, employees better retain the information and make connections from personal experiences due to being immersed in the learning simulation.  

Not only does this VR simulation offer a risk-free way to learn how to use a fuse box, but it also provides an opportunity to reduce training costs. New equipment, workspace, or company time is often needed when teaching employees new skills or procedures. A VR simulation training solution eliminates these needs. Learners can complete the course independently without costing the company any money or downtime and not using any company equipment or space. 

VR simulations are a perfect way to keep electrical workers safe and any employee who faces difficult or unsafe situations. If your workforce could benefit from experiential learning and immersive training that will advance skills and improve safety, VR simulation is an excellent fit for your learning and development strategies.

Electrical Fuse Box
Virtual Reality
Electrical Fuse Box
Electrical Fuse Box

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