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F22 Flight Simulator, Training Simulations

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The challenge:

Because the United States Air Force Academy knows their recruits have a strong interest in video games and computers, they understand thraining simulation games can entertain and engage user learning experiences, providing greater outcomes. New cadets to the United States Air Force Academy are exposed to the airplanes and the sky early on in their college career. The Academy was looking for innovative ways introduce users to how an airplane is controlled and how an airplane will react within an environment.

The Solution:

A 3D flight simulation was developed for USAFA using an F-22 fighter jet. This training simulation allows the user to fly through a landscape modeled to look like the landscape they would find at the United States Air Force Academy. Rings are placed throughout the air and users must practice maneuverability in order to fly through each ring. A point/reward system is tied to the development and each ring is worth a certain number of points. Points are then used to buy accessories to customize the user’s avatar. The flight simulation training game was created using a gaming engine and is delivered through a web browser.

The Results:

The 3D flight simulation has proven to be both challenging and engaging. Users find it fun and exciting to continue practicing to increase their maneuverability skills in an attempt to fly through every ring and earn as many points as possible.

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F22 Flight Simulator - Flying Simulation
F22 Flight Simulator - Through the rings
F22 Flight Simulator - Following the course
F22 Flight Simulator - Flying simulation
 F22 Flight Simulator - Flying simulation