The challenge

Designing Digitally, Inc.’s existing gas and energy client was interested in having a 3D training simulation that would teach new employees how to do the monthly maintenance checks to the equipment in their territory. In the past the client would fund the travel of all field representatives to provide annual training on how to maintain, repair, and update the gas regulation stations located throughout the United States. The client was in need of a hands-on training experience that would teach the new employees how to properly conduct their jobs. This client approached Designing Digitally, Inc. with this need for both the web and for Android devices used by the field representatives.

The Solution

After a detailed analysis of the technical specifications, needs, learning objectives, and content material provided for the development it was concluded that a single player 3D training simulation with a virtual trainer that would teach the new employees what to do to keep the gas regulators working correctly. The user must complete all maintenance steps through each one of the five chapters for maintaining Gas Regulator Stations. Each employee’s time and score is tracked in the learning management system. The simulations were built using Unity 3D, exported to Adobe Flash and then  imported into the clients LMS via SCORM. The simulation was then modified to work on the Android OS, for both smartphones, and for tablets used out in the field by employees.

Gas Regulator Maintenance: Main Menu
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Required PPE Items
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Putting on Required PPE Items
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Arriving at the site
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Tool Box
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Gas Detector
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Beep from the Detector
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Congrats you Found the leak
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Soapy water
Gas Regulator Maintenance: Tightening the Bolt

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