The challenge

Hewlett Packard's Blade Server and Cloud Systems division was aiming to train employees on how to repair the hardware for the 3Par StoreServ they offer to customers. Over time they were providing instructor-led training (ILT), traditional eLearning modules, and training videos, only to find that it was not providing enough of a hands-on approach for someone to grasp how to repair, exchange, and update the blade servers. The training was offered in a central location where all trainees would have to go to so that they had access to the equipment in a training environment. This was hindering the ability for HP to train employees over vast distances and to the masses through a hands-on approach. Therefore, they were looking for an innovative way to offer an immersive experience from the learner’s computer.

The Solution

After a detailed Analysis with HP, the team at Designing Digitally, Inc. determined that by using the cost-effective LEAP motion device, a hands-on immersive simulation training experience could be developed. This allowed for a learn-by-doing approach while still having the ability to learn from the comfort of your home or office. With the adaptation of Virtual Reality and immersion technologies, the collaborative efforts with HP and Designing Digitally could push the limits by using the Leap Motion Device to create a fully immersive 3D simulation.

The development uses the LEAP Motion device, which costs less than $100, to track the hand movements of the employees that are being trained. The simulation is built to communicate between the learner, the simulation, and HP’s Learning Management System by using xAPI, C#, and JavaScript. The Leap Motion device allows for the learner to virtually grab the tools using his or her hands. The Leap Motion Device tracks the fingers and hand movement instantly throughout the simulation. This means the learners can interact with hardware without having to travel or deal with costly mistakes to expensive equipment while training.

The learning experience has a virtual trainer that can walk you through the experience, or allow you to do it on your own with minor hints if you get stuck. The learner will be immersed into the experience by being able to dissect the server and virtually repair damaged pieces through random branched scenarios. This ensures they can tackle any of the usual hardware malfunctions that may take place with the 3Par StoreServ.  

Technical Training - Best Alternative Learning Solution Award HPE
Technical Training - HPE Simulation
Technical Training - HPE 3Par Simulation
Technical Training - HPE Leap Motion Simulation
Technical Training - Leap Motion Simulation HPE
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