The challenge

With the ever growing population of inmates in prisons The Federal Bureau of Prisons is faced with a shortage of prison guards and prison trainers to help orient the new employees to the processes needed to keep themselves and the inmates safe during transportation, evacuation, room searches, and in open ground areas of the prisons. With so much happening within the prisons it is becoming even harder to supply conventional classroom instruction on correct procedures. This challenge has lead to the exploration of a learning management system focused on training employees. 

The Solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. completed the research and analysis phase of this project and determined the best solution was to create 3D web-based simulations teaching the new prison guards how to effectively do procedures while in an immersed learning environment. This 3D simulation allowed for the prison guard to freely explore the prison and to engage in procedures that they would see every day on the job. A user would log into the system as a guard avatar which allowed them to explore and complete procedures with implications for both correct and incorrect responses . This 3D web-based training simulation allowed for a real time immersed experience to take place between an artificial intelligence inmate and the prison guard. These procedures were tracked using SCORM programming to the LMS so that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would effectively track the outcome of this simulation training. 

Hall way
Moving the In-mate
Opening the door
Locking the door

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