The challenge

TD Ameritrade was in need of a cost effective way to conduct meetings for the upper and middle level managers that would make them feel more engaged than a phone call or a desktop sharing presentation would allow. They were looking a virtual world as an option due to the buzz around the new technology. They felt a virtual world space would allow for a more immersive environment to hold private conferences and meetings.

The Solution

Designing Digitally, Inc. determined that a private virtual world would allow TD Ameritrade users to have access to a meeting space that was immersive and innovative. The development included the creation of multiple conference venues and private meeting spaces where the presenter could invite users via a group announcement. This virtual world development was created to be a private meeting space so that upper management could conduct conference meetings and presentations in order to cut down on travel costs. The virtual space also provides a multitude of presentation tools which include the ability to stream PowerPoint documents, videos, audio, as well as the ability to desktop share.

TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Sunset Beach
TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Daytime Beach
TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Outside
TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Booth
TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Conference Room
TD Ameritrade Virtual Headquarters - Building

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