Constructing a Safer Workplace With Virtual L&D


It is no secret that the construction sector faces a skills shortage in many countries around the world. As they struggle to maintain qualified employees, businesses find it difficult to expand to their full potential. This is often due to poor training initiatives that do not properly prepare employees, which leaves them at risk on the job. Designing Digitally wants to help change this. To learn how virtual training can improve L&D and create a safer workplace in the construction sector, get a copy of our eBook to uncover the following:

  • How history supports the investment of L&D for construction workers
  • Stats and facts that everyone in construction should be aware of
  • What skills and training are needed in the construction sector
  • How to overcome top HR challenges in the construction industry
  • Ways to use eLearning in the construction sector
  • Building an effective training program for construction employees

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