What Skills and Training Are Needed in the Construction Industry?

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What Skills & Training Are Needed in the Construction Industry?

The construction industry accounts for 130 million workers in the United States alone, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Worldwide, In 1998, the construction output worldwide was estimated at an incredible $3000 billion. This sector has seen incredible growth over the last decades, with newly industrialized countries gaining ground. Still, there is one major obstacle that deters people from choosing this industry when searching for employment: the lack of training and formation opportunities. Overall, the construction industry's disorganized manner in which it recruits and trains new workers contributes to its dangerous and unattractive image.

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Skills Needed in the Construction Industry

A complex industry, construction employs unskilled and semi-skilled workers, as well as skilled tradespeople, professional/technical, and management staff. This implies the necessity for a variety of skills and knowledge, as well as proper training programs, in order to amalgamate a strong work team and carry out a full-proof construction project.

It is true that to work in this sector you need quite a few industry-specific skills, like: building code knowledge, worksite management, pricing negotiation, knowledge of quality control processes, and so on. Despite this fact, people working in construction need a wide range of skills in order for projects to go smoothly. Here are the top skills needed in the construction business:

1. Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Leadership aptitudes and the ability to work well within a team environment are two of the most important skills to nurture when working in the construction industry. Even if not everyone can and wants to become a manager, these skills are super important in the well-running of a construction project that requires hundreds, if not thousands of interactions between workers, every day.

2. Great Communication and Customer Service Skills

Regardless of the job role, proper communication between departments and individuals is essential for lowering risks, solving issues, and avoiding accidents associated with most construction projects. Customer service skills are in high demand when hiring managers and project leads responsible for dealing with clients and third-party providers.

3. A High Interest in Technology and Drive to Continue Learning

Technology is changing the blueprint for most industries, and this is true of the construction sector too. A proactive employee will have a thirst for knowledge and be tech-savvy enough to quickly learn how to use machinery and specific computer programs.

4. A Good Memory, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Manual Dexterity

You cannot afford your workers forgetting to put a screw in, or safely secure scaffolding. For this reason, it is important to hire people with pristine memory capabilities, are dexterous, and possess hand-eye coordination precision. 

5. Physical Endurance and Muscle Strength

Last, but not least, physical strength and endurance are general skills needed when starting out in this industry.

Finding eLearning solutions for people working in the construction industry is self-evident. As the old masters reach retiring age, the number of people that have so far passed on the tricks of the trade is dwindling. The industry is seeing an increasing number of unqualified prospects. This new wave of employees have no safety net for acquiring the skills and knowledge needed.

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Online Training for Construction Employees

Enter online training for construction employees! As mentioned, the generational switch is also changing the construction workforce terrain. Traditional, classroom-based, or on-the-job methods of training are not only insufficient and inadequate but also becoming obsolete. Technology is taking over the trade and the necessity for tech-based skills and knowledge is steadily growing.

Well-constructed online learning modules can help construction workers gain the knowledge they need for building a successful career, keep safe on-site, and gain the confidence for doing their job well.

eLearning can efficiently address construction training issues in a cost-saving and productivity-increasing manner. Construction businesses can benefit from streamlining worker training through a virtual learning environment that removes workplace dangers and fear of failure. Microlearning, gamification, Virtual Reality, and other online content delivery methods, can help construction workers gain skills and knowledge in:

  • Onboarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Construction Rules and Regulations 
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Technology and Machinery
  • Risk Assessment and Problem Solving


Whether your company chooses to invest in Learning and Development (L&D) for your construction workers or not, the fact is that technology is changing the face of this industry. Online learning is becoming a central instrument in personal and professional development, all around the world. Continue reading about the benefits of eLearning and how it can help your construction business in the full eBook. Get in touch with our team with any questions, suggestions, or to request a free quote for your construction industry training program.

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