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Corporate Trainer's Guide To: Mobile Learning Implementation & Delivery

Corporate Trainer's Guide To: Mobile Learning Implementation & Delivery

With nearly 300 million mobile users in the United States alone, mobile learning is an effective way to train today's employees. With the millennial generation comprising the majority of the modern workforce, learners expect to have access to content anytime and anyplace throughout their day. So, what is the best approach to create content that will engage and entertain learners on the mobile device of their choice? How can you enhance your content to make it bite-sized for your learners? This white paper provides strategic approaches to implementing engaging and interactive mobile learning within your organization and shares how to ensure successful delivery. 

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Ineffective Employee Training
The millennial workforce is vastly different from its predecessor. Innovative technology has led to huge changes in the workplace. These changes have led to the need for personal and professional development. It is a sort of cycle in which, to evolve as a business you must evolve as an individual,...

Serious Games

Game-based learning in the workplace
Research suggests that learning games appeal to employees because they drive engagement and result in better learning outcomes. A report by Gallup demonstrates that there is a significant difference between engaged and disengaged employees. Employees who learned through games were better engaged...

Training Simulations

Training Simulations
Virtual Reality, VR, is taking the training industry by storm. Corporations are reaping the benefits of realistic scenarios that immerse learners in the sights and sounds they’ll encounter in the workplace. However, VR has not replaced online training simulations. In fact, as much as we love...

Mobile Learning

Custom Mobile Learning Solution
Please note this article was originally published by our team on learning, or mLearning, is a broad term used to describe any training that is completed on a mobile device, which can include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This learning approach has been shown to...