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The Real Cost of Ineffective Employee Training

The Real Cost of Ineffective Employee Training

“Practice makes perfect.” It’s not just a saying – it’s the basis of a major undertaking that begins every time someone completes the process of applying for a job, passing the interview, getting hired, and showing up for work on the first day. This major undertaking is training. Employee training is the process of teaching employees the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs. It is conducted at regular intervals, and while it is most frequent at the beginning of one’s employment, it can continue through the life of a job. It is provided in different formats, ranging from online training to one-on-one mentoring to group sessions. Training can often be seen as a necessary evil by employees -- something to get over with as quickly as possible so they can begin day-to-day work. Despite the commonly-held view, training is an important, and essential, activity for many reasons – for both employees and employers. And without it, both parties suffer. Download The Real Cost of Ineffective Employee Training now to discover why learning and development efforts need to be a top priority within your organization and examine the outcomes that can be seen without it. In addition, you will also learn the best practice to utilize to ensure an effective employee training strategy that your employees will enjoy.

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Reducing the Seat Time in Your eLearning Courses
The modern workforce likes multi-tasking. They cannot focus on a particular thing for a long time. If you want your learning to catch their attention, then make sure that you give them whatever information they need quickly. Do not make them wait or search for it. This applies to training content,...

Serious Games

Game-based learning in the workplace
Research suggests that learning games appeal to employees because they drive engagement and result in better learning outcomes. A report by Gallup demonstrates that there is a significant difference between engaged and disengaged employees. Employees who learned through games were better engaged...

Training Simulations

Simulation Training in Finance Industry
It is a known fact that you learn much better through application. Although, it may not always be possible to learn on-the-job. Hazardous jobs, may not provide the luxury of making mistakes and learning from them. One mistake may have grave consequences for the employee as well as the organization....

Mobile Learning

Please note this article was originally published by our team on learning, or mLearning, is a broad term used to describe any training that is completed on a mobile device, which can include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This learning approach has been shown to...