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Serious Game Secrets by Designing Digitally

Serious Game Secrets - What, Where, How, Who Cares?

Serious games are games that are designed with the intention of improving some specific characteristic of learning. They are used in various industries such as military training, corporate education, health care, and can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of any organization.. As innovative technology advancements continue to be made, in order to cater to today’s learners, various forms of serious games are now available at the entry level of an employee's career. Serious games are different from their casual counterparts as they focus on intentional learning outcomes and they aim to achieve measurable changes in performance of the learners, which can easily be done with proper implementation. In addition, serious games provide a good Return on Engagement (ROE), since they make learning fun, if they are created effectively with the needs of learners in mind. By adding the element of fun to a learning environment, learners will experience higher engagement and motivation so that content is retained and successfully applied.. To learn more about the secrets of Serious Games and how they can improve your corporate training download this whitepaper now!




eLearning Design Elements
Effective instructional elearning design will produce a learning experience that results in real-world applicability. A corporate training program should result in employees who have learned skills that will translate into a change in their behavior as they perform their tasks.Not all elearning...

Serious Games

gamfication emotion and engagement
The key to deep understanding and true learning is engagement. A learner who is interested will be motivated to put forth greater effort and desire to continue learning. This is one of the greatest reasons that training gamification is so effective.Gamification introduces elements of gameplay into...

Training Simulations

custom content development questions
With custom e-learning, you can incorporate organization specific content in the course. You can incorporate everything that reflects the brand and identity of your company, starting with the user interface. Your employees will be able to relate to the content, if you use scenarios and examples...

Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning has proved its worth to business time and again. It has made lives easier for most corporate learners, who are on the move and unable to dedicate specific times for training. The super busy workforce love convenience and that is what mobile learning provides. It is no surprise that...