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Virtual Reality: Changing The Corporate Learning Experience

Virtual Reality: Changing The Corporate Learning Experience

Virtual reality is something that is here to stay and revolutionize the way you work and learn. The concept of VR may not be new but the technology that powers it is. The main aim of this technology is to improve your lives. VR offers full sensory immersion that is a sensory treat. How would you feel if you could take a test drive without having to visit the dealer? Or try out new clothes without having to leave the house? Mind-blowing, right? VR can make this possible with its fully immersive capabilities.

The development of VR Serious Games has provided numerous clients with a learn-by-doing experience that can be used as stand-alone training or in conjunction with Instructor Led Training. It can also be a fun learning experience for future new hires at the organization when looking at onboarding initiatives. It’s important to implement a VR Serious Game the right way, using the best practices from Designing Digitally, Inc. Within this white paper are tips and tricks to ensure that the investment isn’t wasted on an ineffective VR Serious Game that would cost the company money with little retention of learning… Download our whitepaper to learn more!

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Employee Training
Whenever you fail at doing something, you feel like it is the end of the world, right? You feel useless, miserable, and awful. Failure crushes almost all of us. However, it does not have to be that way. On the contrary, it can be a positive opportunity if you are open to learning from it. If you...

Serious Games

How Does Gamification Work
Most organizations have a hard time getting employees to sit through corporate training and the reason behind it is pretty obvious. Training sessions can be boring for both employers and employees. Not to mention, these corporate sessions can be time-consuming and can lead to high travel expenses...

Training Simulations

Simulation Traning
No matter the training content, the goal for every eLearning simulation is for the user to have a meaningful learning experience. Employees need the risk-free environment that simulations provide, in order to practice the skills they are learning. With the end goal in mind, creating an eLearning...

Mobile Learning

Mobile Compatible Learning Solutions
According to a Forrester survey, almost 66% of the employees use two or more devices each day. 12% use tablets for work. Driven by the extensive use of mobile devices, creating mobile compatible learning solutions is no more a matter of choice. Responsive design responds to whatever browser or...