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Meet Our Team


For over a decade, the team at Designing Digitally, Inc. has been developing educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world. We apply creative game thinking with strong instructional practices to create fun and engaging experiences that facilitate retention of learning. It takes a group of superstars who love what they do to make all that happen!

The Designing Digitally, Inc. team is a group of brilliant individuals united to rid the world of boring training, one custom learning project at a time. Our team members come from a variety of fields, including game development, corporate training, art and animation, project management, and higher education. Many team members are intense gamers, always counting down to the release date of a new video game. The collective years of their gaming experience enhance the user experiences, game mechanics, and ideology of all Designing Digitally, Inc. projects.

Andrew Hughes


He eats, sleeps, and breathes education. President by day, Professor by night.

Nick Taylor

Director of Development

Has always enjoyed Disney and Pixar animated movies. His favorite is Toy Story.

Abby Hughes

Director of Business Affairs

Enjoys breaking away from the digital world (well, sort of...) by reading just about anything.

Elizabeth Barger

Project Manager

Because reality isn’t nearly as fun as fiction.

John Johnson

Project Manager

Never refer to a Frisbee when speaking about Disc Golf, you will be scolded. 

Greg Wark

Gamification Specialist

When he is not designing serious games, he is helping animals in need by providing a foster home for dogs.

Karlea Mccoy

Instructional Designer

Dances her way through boring content, so you don’t have to.

Crystal Warren

Instructional Designer

Always in a good mood, even when she's dealing with difficult SMEs!

Brent Williams

Lead Programmer

Coder and Gamer. He loves his XBOX! Maybe a little too much...

Brittany St.Clair

Marketing Coordinator

"Her marketing ideas are out of con-troll!"

Sami Austin

Interactive Graphic Designer

She doesn’t know how to design poorly!

Aaron Godsey

Learning Solutions Specialist

He will whip your learning needs into shape!

Kylie Settlemire

Interactive Graphic Designer

She loves to design, and always dreams in technicolor!

Katie Blue

Learning Solutions Specialist

She always suggests the puurrrrfect learning solution to your business problems.

Shelby Harris

Executive Assistant

Keeping our executive team on target.

Sydney Newland

Learning Solutions Specialist

She keeps the focus on your training goals.

Matthew Alexander

Learning Solutions Specialist

He'll score your project a touchdown!

Connie Burden

Office Adminstrator

Making our office more colorful by the day!

Charlie Hughes

Director of Morale

Born and raised in a Puppy Mill, then rescued and put in charge of making life fun at DDINC.

Tyson Hughes

Food Inspection Supervisor

He hates the "What does the fox say" song. Guess why...

Twiggy Wark

Quitting Time Supervisor

Always letting us know when it's time to go!

Louie Austin

Nap Time Supervisor

When she's not napping, she's dreaming about napping. 

Edgar Williams

Lunchtime Manager

He didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose him...

Riley Barger

Face Licking Supervisor

If there's a face that needs licking, she will find it.

Frankie Warren

Playtime Manager

He's always ready for some fun ruff-housing!

Hazel Newland

Bellyrub Coordinator

She's got her mind on some bellyrubs, and bellyrubs on her mind.

Loki Alexander

Running Coordinator

Always on the run and ready to race.

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