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    If you've decided that investing in the growth of your business is a top priority, knowing how to approach the issue can be troublesome. The lack of experience in specific areas can hurt you in the long run if you don't have the right experts. When it comes to educating your staff further, you can't go wrong by hiring an eLearning consultant.

    To start things off, we have to assess what an eLearning consultant is and...

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    Technology has definitely become an integral part of our lives, especially when it comes to the workplace. Most jobs nowadays require some form of technical knowledge, especially knowing how to operate a computer for example. If we start looking at certain job specializations, the need for some form of technical know-how increases by a lot.

    Hiring new employees will always be problematic, no matter what type of...

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    Developing a strong learning culture in your company is an essential aspect that many business owners somewhat overlook. Aligning your employees’ goals to your company’s needs will help it grow, especially when everything starts. A cohesive roster of employees will bring you many benefits over time, and fostering a healthy eLearning culture will prove immensely beneficial.

    Doing all of this might seem a little...

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    Photos of weddings and random thoughts posted on people’s walls filled the first stages of social media, but things have changed significantly recently. With so many options for social media, everything is now very compartmentalized, and there is a tool for professional and personal development. 

    But where does eLearning fit into all of this? Can you use platforms such as TikTok for learning?

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    In our fast-paced society, quantifying what your audience needs from your company or product can be easier said than done. A wide range of analytics software is at your disposal, and drawing a coherent conclusion can be quite the challenge.

    The eLearning market can be especially difficult when trying to assess what your audience needs or wants. Learners will have various needs depending on the subject matter as well...

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    In our modern and fast-paced world, we see a transformation in the nature of certain jobs. More and more companies are employing more complex and efficient technologies at an increased rate, and certain employees are in danger of being phased out or their tasks being automated.

    This is why the World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned that more than one billion workers will have to be reskilled by the year 2030 if they want to hold onto...