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  • Training Simulations

    As a Learning & Development professional, you invest a great deal of time and effort creating training strategies for your organization. And once those are established, you put in even more time and effort to secure a budget to implement the strategies. But, do your strategies include simulation-based training? If not, you could be missing a key to success and an effective ROI.

  • Serious Games

    The goal of training gamification programs for corporations always have two things in common: one, teaching a new skill or behavior and two, increasing overall engagement and effectiveness of their current training program.  Oftentimes, the existing training program is a traditional, classroom program and is generating very little benefit or impact on the productivity and...

  • Virtual Reality

    While you may think of virtual reality as primarily an entertainment and gaming device, as the technology progresses, its many uses are becoming more and more apparent. Virtual reality can be a great way to train employees in many industries. For young workers just entering their fields, virtual training can be a great resource. The use of technology in the daily lives of young people has led to shorter attention spans, necessitating a different approach to education for young workers. By using virtual reality...

  • Mobile Learning

    Whether you're training a new group of employees or you are offering advanced training for current employees, you may be in search of some innovative ways to do so. While you may have a preference for workshops and seminars in-person, understand that not everyone learns best in this manner. You can certainly blend the old with the new, but at least take the time to consider the major benefits of mobile learning solutions.

  • eLearning

    E-learning has helped millions of working executives to improve their learning curve. At a quick glance, the final product of any e-learning development project can appear to be fairly simple. But creating these learning modules is not an easy task. There are several aspects to consider. Also, the courses need to be built keeping in mind the diverse set of learners, each with their own way of acquiring, processing, and retaining information.

    Here are six practices that can help designers in creating e-learning courses...

  • Training Simulations

    “Learners retain only 5 percent of what they hear and 10 percent of what they read, but they remember more than 50 percent of what they learn through discussion and interaction." - Josh Bersin

    This is why business simulations are so popular in the training community. Business simulations provide an engaging experience that encourages learners to apply their knowledge in their job profile.

    Here are some of the components that make a...