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  • eLearning

    According to the Statista Research Department, “larger companies in the U.S. have been increasing their investment in staff training over the last three years, with the average number of training hours provided annually per employee increasing from 42.2 in 2017 to 102.6 in 2020. This was the highest average of all business...

  • Training Simulations

    A simulation is an imitation of a real-world process that is used to provide a realistic experience in a controlled environment. Industries have adopted simulations for the unique benefits it brings to each field. For many, it’s the ability for trainees to practice in a safe environment that makes it a preferred training option. For others, it’s allowing trainees the ability to understand human behavior, improve teamwork or build...

  • Serious Games

    It's not an exaggeration to say games are the building blocks of learning. As children, we developed life skills through game scenarios, such as how to be a grown-up by pretend-playing family, how to kick a ball by engaging in various sports, and how to be competitive by engaging in team-play. Psychologists have long cited the power games have for committing vital information to our long-term memory. 


  • Training Simulations

    When designing a corporate training strategy, a crucial topic to address during the planning stage is how you’ll design the training. Will it be a classroom lecture? A hands-on workshop? An eLearning course? 

    Simulation training is often an excellent route to train employees. As the name implies, it simulates, or replicates, activities employees perform in the workplace.

  • eLearning

    Virtual training for construction employees is not much different than virtual training for corporate training, for example. Many of the delivery methods, platforms, and training development processes are the same. Instructional designers (IDs) and eLearning development companies can create bespoke training modules that cater to your style of management as well as your workers' professional needs and personal development. The...