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  • Mobile Learning

    Here are some statistics to ponder.

    • There are more than 2 billion mobile web users in the world.
    • 20% of mobile web users in the US never use a desktop computer.
    • By 2017, 4.4 billion users will be using mobile apps to get most of their work done, including taking care of their learning needs.

    Now, can you ignore mobile learning?

    The millennial workforce is inseparable from their smartphone. They use it to surf the web, find data online, learn, upskill, and keep...

  • eLearning

    “Going green” is a common phrase today. Environmentalism has become a hot topic in recent years and more people than ever are paying attention to the different ways to care for the Earth. There are few areas of life untouched by environmentally-friendly changes.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that custom elearning design is also going green. Green gamification is using game mechanics to teach facets of environmentalism. The idea is that appealing to humans’ love for...

  • Virtual Reality

    Not too long ago, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seemed like a dream to achieve. But, it does not look too difficult to pull off now. In fact, AR and VR are all set to revolutionize the workplace. The market for this technology is expected to reach $162 billion by 2020. The potential AR and VR design have for business is limitless. The sooner you embrace it for your workplace the richer benefits you can reap.

    According to the statistics from the Dell Future...

  • Serious Games

    Gamified courses use principles of gaming to create engaging learning modules. When used effectively, gamification can help corporate employees learn and retain knowledge better. Gamified learning typically includes components of a storyline, characters, challenges, and rewards.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before you opt for gamifying your corporate learning

  • eLearning

    Navigation is a critical element of an online learning course. All the time and effort spent designing an e-learning training module will be wasted if the learners can’t figure out how to get from one screen to the next. Confusion can quickly lead to frustration and, before you know it, you’ve lost your audience.

    The learning objectives will fly out the window if your employees are too exasperated to concentrate on the content. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid this issue....

  • Training Simulations

    Training simulations are specialized, interactive programs that help employees practice certain activities in a secure, virtual environment. Millennials, who make up a major percentage of the workforce, prefer learning via these online training simulations. Simulations can be used for a variety of training like compliance, sales, and software tutorials.

    Millennials were born and raised in the digital era. So, they are comfortable with online training platforms. Also, they do not settle for anything that...