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  • Training Simulations

    Employee training is critical for all organizations because it is instrumental in upskilling the workforce, which in turn keeps them competitive. Workplaces have become complex and are changing every day. You have to ensure that your employees are aware of all the recent trends that affect them.

    Here are some instances where you may consider using simulation training.

    • When you want to introduce new tools and technology in your organization, simulations can help train your employees in less...
  • Serious Games

    Gamification has become a staple in the world of corporate eLearning training. It’s used to motivate employees to strive for specific goals and increases the chances that they will be actively engaged in their work. It results in increase productivity which correlates to improvement in the bottom line.

    It’s also well-known that the use of gamification raises the retention rates of learners and helps them understand how to apply what they have learned to real-life situations, among a number of other benefits.

    In order for gamification to be successful and not a waste of...

  • eLearning

    The digital world that we live in has changed the way we interact with our environment. Gone are the days when we collect the newspaper from our driveway and spend a few hours every morning reading it. Today, we simply pick up our smart phone or go on the internet for short bites of the daily headlines. Now our world depends on digesting small amounts of information often. This is an example of microlearning in our daily lives. Microlearning is a new way of life and it is the future of employee training models.

  • Virtual Reality

    Want to experience surfing in the waves but afraid of drowning?

    Want to go parasailing but scared of heights?

    Well, technology can help you here. It may not provide you with the exact sensation and thrill, but it can come close! Welcome to the world of 360 degree videos.

  • eLearning

    It seems like adding audio to an eLearning activity would be a no-brainer thing to do. The common thought is that it can jazz up what is being displayed on the screen and create a higher level of engagement.

    Unfortunately, the issue isn’t that cut and dried. There are times when audio does lend some benefit, but there are also times that the addition of audio has the opposite of the desired effect, and ends up doing more harm than good.

    The most important thing to remember is that each and every facet of an eLearning...

  • Training Simulations

    Innumerable technological forces are changing the way the world learns and plays. Despite this, the training realm of the healthcare sector is typically slow to adopt and embrace new technologies. Healthcare professionals need to adopt technology that will benefit their patients and staff. For most healthcare learners, the best way to learn about the job is to have hands-on training. Implementing training simulations in healthcare is an effective technique to amplify the real-life user experience.