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OUR Custom Onbording and Offboarding
Programs Improve Business Performance

Look at some of our onboarding work with this custom eLearning program designed exclusively for the Wyndham Hotel Group. Tailored to perfection, this virtual onboarding experience is a compass for Wyndham employees navigating the world of hotel management, especially those gearing up to unveil new hospitality havens. We’ve intricately crafted this program that immerses new managers in a dynamic learning environment, providing them with the skills and knowledge to open and manage hotels successfully. From hospitality essentials to strategic management insights, our eLearning program transforms the onboarding process into an engaging expedition, preparing Wyndham’s new leaders to set sail for success in the world of hotel management. If you want to discuss a project like this for your onboarding or offboarding needs, get in touch today.

Play Video about A laptop screen displaying the Wyndham Hotels onboarding program.

Our OnboardIng and offboardIng expertise

An auto-drafted poster of a military officer.
Designing Digitally - Screenshot of an online educational course page titled "So You Wanna Teach Online," featuring a video and text about copyright issues for those looking to teach online, with a "Learn More" button. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Screen capture of a webpage for Toyota's online training program on hazardous materials, featuring an animated graphic of a barrel on a hand truck in a warehouse. Designing Digitally -
Graphic advertisement for CNH Industrial designed by Designing Digitally, featuring the tagline "International Vehicle Manufacturer Non-Compliance Case" with a call-to-action button labeled "Learn More.
Fast food Preperation Case Study image
Designing Digitally - A graphic for the FERPA Online Training Program by the U.S. Department of Education shows a person at a desk on a computer with a banner and "Learn More" button below. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - Website homepage of an eLearning vendor specializing in cargo shipment training, displaying a logo, navigation menu, and images of ships and shipping containers. Designing Digitally -
A screenshot of a corporate coaching infographic with the header "key elements of successful leadership coaching" and highlighted phrases like "you and the employee have a 'win-win' attitude" and "coaching for
Woman at a desk with a headset on, surrounded by symbols representing work tasks, with the text "Immersive Orientation" displayed above.
Designing Digitally - Screenshot of Checkers & Rally's "Sandwich Master Simulations Vendor simulated serious game" interface featuring a clean, organized kitchen setup with digital screens and a prominent logo. Designing Digitally -
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts' performance readiness during onboarding
Designing Digitally - Promotional graphic for eLearning vendor's data protection impact analysis training program, featuring text and a partial view of a person using a tablet. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - A digital quiz from Cuyahoga Community College asks users to identify brain parts, with an option selected for "Medulla." The banner below promotes "3D Stress Simulation Training," provided by a custom onboarding online training vendor. Designing Digitally -
Designing Digitally - A bowl filled with fried chicken pieces being poured into it. Text below reads, "Wingstop Virtual Reality Simulations for Fast Food Preparation Training Program." A "Learn More" button is at the bottom. Designing Digitally -
Screenshot of an e-learning platform interface featuring the "Custom Loomis Management System" with a topic outline on the left side and a forum section.
Designing Digitally - Screenshot of the "Recycle Roundup Leap Motion Serious Game" by Designing Digitally. Instructions for sorting recyclables are shown, emphasizing quick and accurate placement of items for effective Employee Training. Designing Digitally -
A graphic outlining various problem-solving and opportunity identification tools in the context of U.S. Dept. of Education - Federal Student Aid.
Designing Digitally - A person with a VR headset places a pizza in an oven as part of a Virtual Reality employee training simulation for pizza-making, developed by an eLearning vendor. Designing Digitally -

workplace Onboarding and offboarding Program Development FAQs

Want to learn more about the benefits of onboarding and offboarding? These FAQs provide a comprehensive overview of common inquiries related to onboarding and offboarding processes to help you uncover more about the role onboarding and offboarding play in a successful workplace.

What is employee onboarding?

Onboarding is designed to integrate new hires into the company culture, familiarize them with policies and procedures, and provide the necessary tools and information for a successful start.

How long does the onboarding process typically take?

The duration varies, but a well-structured onboarding process usually spans a few days to a few weeks, ensuring a comprehensive introduction to the organization.

What is employee offboarding?

Employee offboarding is the process of managing an employee's departure from a company, including tasks such as returning company property, conducting exit interviews, and ensuring a smooth transition.

What should be included in an employee offboarding checklist?

An offboarding checklist includes tasks like returning company property, conducting exit interviews, revoking system access, and facilitating knowledge transfer.

How can technology streamline the onboarding process?

Technology automates paperwork, provides eLearning modules, and facilitates digital communication, expediting administrative tasks and enhancing the onboarding experience.

What is the purpose of an exit interview during offboarding?

Exit interviews gather feedback from departing employees, offering insights into the reasons for departure and providing valuable information for organizational improvement.

How can onboarding improve employee retention?

Effective onboarding enhances job satisfaction, engagement, and sense of belonging, contributing to higher employee retention rates.

How can offboarding benefit the organization?

Offboarding ensures a smooth transition, preserves institutional knowledge, and promotes positive relationships, which can benefit employer branding and future recruitment efforts.

How often should offboarding procedures be reviewed and updated?

Offboarding procedures should be regularly reviewed to adapt to changes in policies, technology, and legal requirements, ensuring they remain effective and compliant.

impressive Onboarding and Offboarding Training Solutions

Enhance your onboarding and offboarding experiences with Designing Digitally.  Let’s discuss your specific needs and tailor a custom training solution to ensure a smooth transition for your employees. Fill out the form, and our team will get back to you shortly to explore how Designing Digitally can innovate your onboarding and offboarding processes.

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