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A GLIMPSE of Designing Digitally's 3D Simulation Triumphs in Employee Training

Experience an immersive learning journey with our 3D training simulation designed to facilitate correct census count training in local neighborhoods. Step into the shoes of a Census Worker as this simulation, meticulously crafted by Designing Digitally for the U.S. Census Bureau, guides you through a day in the life of this vital role. This internal training program offers a unique and engaging experience, ensuring an effective and comprehensive learning process. Take a look at the video and contact our team for a demo or to chat about a project like this for your company. 



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3D Simulation Training Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the top FAQs about 3D simulation training in the workplace and discover how it can reshape how your employees learn and prosper. 

What is 3D simulation training?

3D simulation training involves the use of three-dimensional, computer-generated environments to replicate real-world scenarios for employee learning.

How does 3D simulation benefit employee training?

By providing an immersive and interactive learning experience, 3D simulations engage employees through realistic scenarios, making the training more interesting and effective.

In which industries is 3D simulation training applicable?

3D simulation training finds applications in diverse industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, emergency services, and more.

What are some success stories of organizations using 3D simulation training?

Many organizations have reported increased training efficiency, higher employee retention, and improved real-world performance after implementing 3D simulation training.

How do 3D simulations contribute to skills retention?

The immersive nature of 3D simulations helps employees retain information better as they can practice and apply learned skills in a realistic environment.

What hardware and software are needed for employees to access 3D simulations?

This depends on the type of simulation. VR simulations might require VR headsets, while others can be accessed through standard computers with compatible browsers.

Can 3D simulations be used for soft skills training?

Yes, 3D simulations can effectively simulate interpersonal scenarios, making them valuable for training in communication, leadership, and other soft skills.

How do 3D simulations contribute to safety training?

3D simulations provide a safe environment for employees to practice safety protocols and emergency procedures without real-world risks.

What are the top applications for 3D simulations in the workplace?

3D simulations are widely used for employee training and scenario modeling. Examples include computer-based simulations for skill practice or procedural training.

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