eLearning Course Development

Designing Digitally


With the wrong expectations or talent, eLearning course development can easily miss the mark. Designing Digitally, Inc. knows the eLearning space inside and out across numerous industries. We’re laser-focused on our clients’ needs and consistently make sure eLearning courses exceed their expectations.

All courses stem from a challenge or problem, whether the training is about industrial safety or employee conduct. Training is structured to change behaviors and improve employees’ performance.

The danger with eLearning course development is that it can be based on outdated approaches that don’t keep up with the times. It’s not just about understanding how to shape courses based on the technology learners will use (including smartphones and iPads). Our team, which includes seasoned instructional designers, knows that courses must be fun and engaging to ensure that learners can absorb and use what they’re taught.

For example, we create web-based serious games with gamification elements, including visuals and rewards that appeal to learners.

Dull, matter-of-fact instruction takes a backseat when learners can interact with courses that reflect their interests. For example, corporate training should include narratives that match real-life workplace settings – everything from the images to the text. If the graphics look cheesy or the language isn’t realistic, workers will likely lose interest.

Designing Digitally, Inc. also makes sure that courses are based on learning principles that have been established and adapted over several decades, including Bloom’s Taxonomy. Created in 1956 and revised in 2000, it looks at levels of cognitive thinking and learning (including levels like remembering, understanding, applying and creating).

Early in our process, we review the eLearning technology that can be used and define the audience, documenting what training they’ve had, what they already know and what the training is expected to accomplish.

Developed in Lectora, Storyline, Raptivity, Captivate, Articulate, Gaming Engines, PHP and/or HTML5, our eLearning company creates custom assets, including illustrations, photographs and 3D models for your eLearning courses. We can also include custom interaction, such as multiple choice, true and false, mini-learning games, scenario-based training and more. All custom eLearning courses we develop are SCORM and AICC-compliant.

Some clients have the bulk of the content on hand when we start a project. eLearning course development moves along faster in those cases. Designing Digitally, Inc. adapts the content to ensure that learners will stay engaged.

Sometimes clients need more direction from the start. If the content is limited or not available for some modules, we know what it takes to fill the gaps – large or small. We enjoy planning and shaping the content with the support of clients’ in-house subject matter experts.

eLearning course development always starts with the client. We know what questions to ask to discover and define their needs and goals that could range from limiting workplace accidents to improving sales.

With our time-tested process, we often help clients refine their needs. Top executives may outline a few broad or specific goals. But our research, including interviews with employees, can identify other core problems that clients need to address.

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