Business Simulation Training Options

Designing Digitally


Planned and presented well, business simulation training can make a huge difference with a core set of employees or groups of employees across an enterprise.

Designing Digitally, Inc., understands issues that face businesses both internally and externally. We’ve been shaping and delivering solutions that replicate real-life work scenarios for many years. With advances in technology and learning approaches, it’s possible to develop simulated learning environments.

From manufacturing to health care, companies have turned to us to address critical business training needs. We focus on the best ways to change behavior with custom-built, business simulation training for business management and services. The projects succeed because we know how to best educate, engage, and entertain your audience.

Explore your options for business simulation training.With direction and insights we draw from clients, we create realistic settings where employees can develop and test their knowledge in a safe environment. The planning is elaborate and the programming may be complex, but learners will only see what they experience as they tackle suitable tasks in a self-paced online environment that matches their work environments (including visuals and words).

Where do you need the most help? Diversity training? Ethics? Compliance? Designing Digitally, Inc. can develop business simulation training that helps employees understand, retain and apply what they learn. We engage them with a wide range of immersive experiences that include custom graphics and animations that make training fun and memorable.

Business simulation training is a good option for companies that need to ensure that existing and future employees are equipped to do their jobs as productively as possible while helping companies minimize safety and legal risks. Training options include first-person directed simulations and guided experience simulations.

Training can involve a variety of topics like:

  • How to measure marketing efforts
  • Day in the life of a supply chain worker
  • Day in the life of a contract officer
  • How do deal with vendors (procurement)
  • How to conduct a meeting
  • How to manage a supply chain
  • How to oversee warehouse logistics

Business simulation training can apply to specific machinery as well. Companies know how to operate machines, but they don’t always have effective methods to train someone to run the machines.

Once the training is in place, a company can use it over and over for many employees. But business simulation training requires a great deal of planning and prep work to create. In the early stages, we ask clients detailed questions to extract their precise needs and define what they expect to accomplish. In our process, we always involve employees who can help us define their training needs.

Whether business simulation training is for hard or soft skills, it’s a good way to prepare employees who can make mistakes before they need to dive into real-world settings.