eLearning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

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Designing Digitally Team

Traditionally, people think in terms of an individual who masterfully does it all. He or She designs, develops and evaluates content that will be used for training. Technically savvy, he or she modifies and improves existing course material to make it even more engaging.

The skillsets are all critical. The problem is that eLearning has evolved and one individual can’t tackle all training challenges effectively. It’s even more apparent in corporate settings when the training must be more than just engaging. A successful project will begin with a detailed analysis of the actual business needs and not the preferences of the client. Sometimes company executives aren’t clear on the true nature of their problems or how to address them. We help them fully identify where they are falling short and why. We also create a plan that can address precise needs and act on the plan set forth.

It’s better to think of an eLearning specialist with a team perspective. Each individual can be an eLearning specialist to an extent, but it’s the team that collectively provides the expertise based on years and years of experience. One person simply can’t pull off what a group of experts can deliver.

For some in-house tasks, an individual can assist with training needs. Depending on the stakes, timeline and project size, it may be better to line up the right firm with the right team.

Examples include:

Project Manager

The main responsibility involves communicating with the client at every stage – before and after the project kicks off and wraps up. The role is much more than administrative. The project manager draws from extensive eLearning knowledge to help shape and present solutions to clients.

Project Coordinator

Similar to a project manager who works closely with a client, the project coordinator focuses on the team and their tasks. He or she can’t perform well without understanding the specific responsibilities of team members. At Designating Digitally, Inc., our project coordinators have reached this management level because of their prior performance. In other words, he or she has a specific technical, instructional or design background and the proven ability to communicate well while adhering to aggressive timelines.

Instructional Designer

Versatile, insightful and locked into established and emerging training principles, the instructional designer helps identify the true learning needs and transforms raw content into an ideal curriculum that’s well suited for learners. You want this person to be your most creative person within the team. 

Graphic Designer

With a firm understanding of how visuals support and encourage learning, the graphic designer is on hand at every essential stage – from the wireframes to individual images and suitable interfaces that reflect the look and feel that will resonate with learners.

Developers & Programmers

Well versed in basic, intermediate and advanced programing languages, each programmer is an essential part of any project. Make sure they are not just developers within a particular platform but are able to develop in a mulititude of languages and production softwares. 

Audio & Visual Technician

Responsible for the integrity of any sounds and visuals, he or she is involved with every aspect of the animation, recordings and appropriate sound effects.

Creative Director

With sensitivity for user experience and the effectiveness of a project, the creative director focuses on quality and making sure the work exceeds expectations.

Quality Assurance Personnel

Don't forget about the QA people! Without them you cannot ensure you have a great user experience!

If you want an eLearning specialist with a full breadth of knowledge and experience, Designing Digitally, Inc. can provide the right team. Each of our professionals function at a high level in their own right, but the added value is how they work together with a collective focus on client’s goals.

Companies, government agencies with eLearning needs can create modules that will meet specific criteria. But the talent on staff may be stretched with the number of projects or limited by their core skills. Someone may be good at visuals but be lack some instructional design skillset. Or, it may be just the opposite in other situations. Ultimately, an individual can only bring to the table what he or she does best. An entire team, on the other hand, offers can offer enormous value.


When we take on projects, we work closely with project sponsors and internal champions who simply want to depend on our firm as the eLearning specialist. They know we have a deep bench of talented people. Our specialists don’t just dive into new projects; they draw from the experience they’ve gained by working on multiple projects for diverse clients over many years.

It’s not just the knowledge we bring that makes a difference. Our time-tested process allows us to ask clients critical questions to get a handle on what they need and expect. More specifically, we connect with their subject matter experts (in person, on the phone or online) so their knowledge can be captured and incorporated into the content and modules.

At the end of the day, the primary goal is to create and shape training that effectively changes behaviors. We do this by engaging, educating, and entertaining the audience with innovative learning approaches. How equipped are you to make sure that happens to the right degree?