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Game-Based Learning

Game based strategies to enhance corporate learning on all levels has significantly skyrocketed in today’s businesses. By providing a source of motivated training for their subordinates and employees, managers and top level executives are revolutionizing training through what is called Game Based Learning (GBL). But what is GBL? To put it simply GBL is the utilization of gameplay to complete specified learning objectives. This may sound similar to Gamification, but it’s important to understand there is a different between GBL and Gamification.

In GBL, employees participate in corporate training games that uses gameplay to teach and reinforce learning goals, and may even teach different methods and strategies to achieve their goals. Gamification, on the other hand, is the use of game mechanics and integrating them into the training. Examples of these mechanics might include things like achievement, points, levels, and badges. What does GBL have to Offer?

Newer and Tougher Challenges for Employees

According to various scientific studies, implementing challenges and combining them with the process of learning can significantly offer bigger outcomes in terms of employee motivation and productivity. Popular video games use similar techniques, which keep players hooked. Through strategic challenges, games encourage user to quickly adapt, allowing them to make quicker, more efficient, decisions that Hence the reason why a majority of gamers are hooked on gaming and do not get bored – which is primarily due to the fact that games enable users to adapt, take quicker and more efficient decisions and enhance their skill sets. This results in having quicker responses and greater cognitive function, which is required at all corporate levels.

Emotional Engagement of Employees

Have you ever noticed how fast time flies when you’re doing something enjoyable – for example, playing a game of cards? This happens because what you are doing has you emotionally connected to the activity. When you’re more emotionally attached to something, you tend to be more serious, more focused, and more aware about what is going on. This, in turn, significantly enable you to learn quickly. Participating in GBL in a corporate setting can have the same effects. You will be entertaining your employees as well as training them at the same time.

Substantial Room for Error and Failure

When you talk about the pressures and stresses of the real-world, especially when you’re tasked to juggle assignments and meet deadlines, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Not being able to perform your job can end up considerably dampening your confidence and performance. GBL for employees allows room for error. Using the training, employees can be more flexible with their decisions, test the limits of their knowledge, without it affecting their work. By making incorrect decisions in their training, employees can quickly adapt and modify their strategies to be more successful in real world application.

No More Serious Learning

Training employees through GBL can substantially provide them with a much needed break from the struggles of the corporate world. Incorporating unorthodox delivery techniques can allow for a greater response from your employees. They will actually look forward to learn and enhance their skills. As a matter of fact, some of the topmost businesses in the U.S., as well as the military, incorporate the use of game based deliveries to train their staff to perform optimally. On top of that Game Based Learning can provide you with the following:

  • A reduction in training costs
  • Efficient delivery of specific forms of training
  • Driving positive performance results
  • A clear picture of the skill level of your employees
  • Greater participation of your employees

The Benefits of Game-Based Learning

From the perspective of learning and development, the incorporation of GBL can provide your workplace with a motivated environment. It will allow you to provide your employees with the opportunity to learn anything in a profoundly entertaining and educational manner. For more information on this topic please contact us today!